The Over Crowded Gym Workout That Gets The Job Done!!


There is nothing worse than going into the gym on a Monday evening and it is completely packed with people who are new to your gym and the current regulars all fighting for equipment. The moment you walk in you might want to just do some cardio or do a different workout to what you had originally intended on doing. To be honest, you might even want to leave the gym when you see it like this because you've tried working out in this environment before and couldn't get on with what you wanted to do. In this post I will tell you how you can still rock an awesome workout when it's over crowded...

January Rush

We all know this time of the year there is a significant increase in people joining a gym and getting in good shape, it happens every time. January and February are busy times because of this happening but it doesn't mean you can't give yourself a good workout, you just need to be clever in your approach.

Best Equipment

When you find that the gym is busy which is usually at the start of the week you may want to stick with just using one piece of equipment that is going to get your workout done. This type of workout is typical of people trying to lose weight, increase mass and strength while maintaining a high level of fitness. The best piece of gym equipment you can use in this type of situation is the Olympic Barbell purely because you can provide yourself with a whole arsenal of exercises to keep you going in a 60 minute window.

The Olympic Barbell

The most diverse piece of gym equipment you can use to maximise gym sessions when short on time or if the gym is over crowded. Remember gym time is not for play, it's for you to change the way you look and make great results, so get your game faces ready for a big workout. When lifting with one of these please make sure you know the proper techniques before going into heavy movements to minimise injury and poor results.

The Workout

Each exercise perform 12-15 reps and aim for at least 3 sets, and if feeling good go for 4 to maximise results. Do not sacrifice form for technique so with that said keep you ego at the door, this is a session to fire up the metabolism and torch some fat! Here we go... Remember this is all with an Olympic Barbell...



Shoulder Overhead Press

Sumo Deadlifts

Bench Press

Bent Over Row


Impact Session

This type of session is going to be taxing on your body and therefore it's important to make sure you eat enough before the session to keep energy levels high. Be sure to have your whey protein shake immediately after exercise and grab a good, balanced meal sometime after this shake.

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