Should You Cycle Your Pre Workout Supplement And Do You REALLY Need It???


How many of you rely heavily on your supplements along your quest in changing the way you look? Don't lie now, I know that from the guys and girls I speak to, supplements are a huge help and I would have to agree to some extent. However are you relying too much on them to get the best out of your training? What happens when you run out and you don't take a certain supplement, do you really notice much of a difference? The most commonly used supplement that isn't in my eyes a 'must have' is a pre workout product. Do you use one? Here's the scoop....

Pre Workouts

In my opinion the only time you really want to use a pre workout supplement is when you feel like you are lacking in energy and focus, perhaps you don't even really feel like going. Now, a pre workout supplement will have certain ingredients inside that can help change your mindset from wanting to rest into having an effective workout. Why is this and what type of ingredients is within a scoop of this distinctly coloured and flavoured drink??


The most common ingredient within a pre workout supplement is caffeine and it usually sits around 160mg up to 300mg in any single product. Caffeine is great to raise alertness and focus especially when you are feeling tired after a poor night's sleep or after a long day at work. Many of you might not realise that caffeine also broncho dilates which allows more oxygen to get to your lunges (bronchioles). Alongside caffeine your pre workout supplement is likely to contain Beta Alanine, L-Arginine, Citrulline Malate to name but a few of the important ingredients. Each of these ingredients allows your body to work at a higher and greater rate than you would see if you didn't use them.

Do You Really Need It

The biggest question I ask is do you really need to use a pre workout supplement all the time, should you cycle the use of them? I generally think pre workout supplements should be used at times when you need them most, to get the biggest push out of your workouts. If you use them all the time how do you know what you are really capable of, mentally you are much more than that. Each workout requires a certain level of physical ability, that's a given but it also takes a very strong mind to get the most out of them.

My Advice

Get yourself a good pre workout to have on standby which includes the ingredients above as it comes it handy when you most need it. Something like Gaspari SuperPump 3.0, Cellucor C4 and Grenade 50 calibre are all good pre workout supplements that you can take to give you the extra boost. Try going without them every so often so that you sustain the workout on your own merits and not with the help of a supplement, this is a true test of what you can do whilst in the gym.

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