The Deadlift By Nathan Cruz

The deadlift is one of the most popular exercises of all time. Personally, I can't imagine any workout programme without it. The beauty of the deadlift is that everything improves along with it, it naturally releases the most growth hormone into our system and increases strength on various other lifts too such as the squat and even the military press. Depending on your goals the majority of us could benefit from increasing our numbers when it comes to the deadlift.

How To Deadlift

The basics to a good deadlift are to:

  • walk up to the bar, stand with your mid-foot under the bar (using an Olympic barbell) grab the bar with your preferred grip (I use alternating)...

The Deadlift

  • Bend over without bending your legs, then drop into position by bending your knees until your shins touch the bar.
  • Next, lift your chest.
  • Straighten your back as you raise your chest.
  • …PULL
  • Take a big breath, hold it and stand up with the weight.

I find that a good Pre-Workout really helps me get into the zone and push myself - check them out right here.

Deadlift Top Tips

A few tips that may help increase your lift and that are certainly worth thinking about….

  • Lift in socks or even do it barefooted.
  • If you can get a pair of socks with grip on the bottom (like the ones you may get from a trampoline park) or even authentic deadlifting socks (although those can be pricey) they’re ideal.
  • Having your feet flat to the platform/floor with no soft cushion between can help increase your lift by giving you a firmer base to lift from.
  • Alternatively you can also try converse/flat shoes.


Personally I'm not a user of straps as anything to help increase my grip is beneficial for pro wrestling.

However I know that the use of straps would no doubt mean I could add 5/10kgs on my lift as it usually is my hands that slip away from me before my body gives out.

So perhaps give these a go and see what you prefer.

Oh, also…..liquid chalk is awesome, after a few seconds it dries and you’ve got some serious GRIP!

Increase the Weight Gradually

Make the increases in your sets suitable.

  • You don't want to be burning out too early if you're aiming for that PB.
  • 10kg increases when you get to those heavy sets are best, after two warm up sets; think of what your goal is for the lift.
  • Work backwards, so say you want to get 200kg for example - have three heavy sets before your target set.
  • So 180 for 2 sets….190 for 1 set….and then 200 for 1 set.

You may even find you might be able to exceed that day's target.

I love deadlifting.

It's something I incorporate into every weekly split and without question I notice the difference if it is cut out of my programme.

Hopefully these tips will help you also climb to a new PB before the end of the year, now go get it!

Nathan Cruz

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About the Author

Nathan is a WWE Pro Wrestler based in Hull. Obsessed by the sport as a youngster, at the tender age of 10 he became determined to succeed in the industry. He went pro at 19 and hasn’t looked back since. Committing to grueling workouts and diet regimes over the years has resulted in Nathan becoming a great source of knowledge and information on training.

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