The Delt Destruction Programme

In my opinion one of the key aspects to a great physique is having a good set of shoulder muscles which help support the overall look of your body. Working the deltoids is one of my favourite workouts because there are so many different muscles to work and lots of different exercises you can perform to keep it fun and enjoyable. Do you struggle to work your shoulder muscles to their full effect? Do you want to work your muscles to their maximum and see some great results? Here is how you can achieve this, through the delt destruction programme. First, let's learn about the shoulder muscles and why you need to work them really hard to notice a difference

Shoulder/Deltoid Muscles

Your shoulder muscles are similar to you calf muscles in the respect that they are used throughout the day in everyday life. You are often using your shoulder muscles for different tasks such as holding something, reaching for something or doing any work above your head. Drinking a drink, driving with both hands on the steering wheel, brushing your teeth, cooking, pretty much every day task you perform you are using your shoulder muscles and this is why they need to be worked outside of their comfort zone. you see, because these muscles are active a lot throughout the day, merely replicating a similar workout for them in the gym in my opinion just won't do. Therefore the muscles need to be shocked and you need to lift heavy to break down the muscle fibres, this will enhance muscle growth and stronger muscle tissue.

Shocking Your Muscles

A well known saying within the muscle and fitness industry is ''shocking your muscles'' but what does it actually mean? It simply means to work your muscles beyond their normal working capacity. Relating this phrase to the shoulder muscles would suggest you will need to lift heavy weights, perform different rep ranges and include a change in working sets to truly work them to your advantage. this is what I think for most people, however everyone is different and with that said not everyone will react to this type of training. However, if you are struggling to notice a difference then this might be worth a go and I assure you, you will see a change in these muscles.

Form and Technique

As with any exercises you perform it is crucial to keep strict (ish) form and use good technique for each exercise. You should know what exercises work which muscles. If you don't know then brush up on your knowledge by researching into what exercises will work which shoulder muscle. The anterior (front), medial (side), posterior (rear) deltoids make up the shoulder muscles and it is important you work all three muscles to prevent muscle imbalances.

Correcting Posture

As a side note, for those of you who have rounded shoulders should perform more rear deltoid work to draw the shoulder muscles back. If you work at a desk all day, sit in the car or do a job where it is easy for you to slouch then I would suggest working more of the rear muscles as opposed to working more of the front muscles which will be tighter and prevent range of motion. So train smart and work with your body and improve your weaknesses.

The Workout

Shoulder Press - 

Either use dumbbells or a barbell which will work the anterior and medial delt. If you use a dumbbell and slightly turn your hands inward when you press you will work more of the medial head. Begin your workout with this awesome, muscle building exercise to get the blood pumping into the shoulder area.

Arnold Press -

The most famous of all presses is the Arnold press which works the shoulder muscles further and the forearms too. This twisted press which starts with an underhand grip and twisted into a full press once the hands reach the top is yet another great muscle building exercise for the delts. This press can only be done with dumbbells and it is important to keep the hands close to your body at all times.

Lateral Raise - 

Performing a side raise or lateral raise with a set of dumbbells will solely work the medial head of your shoulder muscles. Working the side deltoids will help widen your physique and allow for your body to grow outwards which gives you better width. It will also help promote the V shape which most guys want when they work out. This is having wide, broad shoulders and a narrow waist which gives the illusion you are more muscular.

Rear Raise - 

Working the rear shoulder muscles is just as important as the other muscles for the reasons stated above. A great exercise for the rear shoulder muscles is a rear cable pull which solely works these muscles. You can perform this exercise double handed or one handed and it is perfect as an isolation movement.

Machine Finisher

To finish, find yourself a shoulder press machine and perform a pyramid drop set to work the shoulders to destruction. Once finished on here, your shoulder muscles should be feeling pumped and worn out!

Final Advice

Remember, you need to work the shoulder muscles out of their comfort zone to notice change within them. So be sure to change your rep ranges, the weights and the different type of sets you perform to notice this change. If you are always do what you have always done you won't see a difference. Don't forget, the best post workout snack you can give your body after a session like this is a whey protein shake. Be sure to get one of these down you :)

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