Developing Inner Strength : The Acquisition Of Strength Through Self Acceptance

Do you want to change? Do you feel there are things you could improve upon in your life? We all know that change takes time, effort, conscious thought and an intrinsic drive to succeed at something. People are motivated by different things, some have an unquenchable thirst for success, whilst others have an unshakable fear of failure. Many of us (whether we like to admit or not) are driven by financial incentives, which may be through the desire of materialistic things or to relieve the worry associated with financial burdens such as bills…heck, for most of us it’s probably both! Whatever your motivation may be, we all (generally) want to be the ‘best version of ourselves’ (in the words of Youtube mentor and motivator Elliot Hulse). So in order to be this, do you really have to change?

Observing yourself through someone else’s eyes

Do we need to asses how well we are doing, or should we just trust that it’s happening off its own accord? Or rather, should we make conscious efforts to step back, reflect, and try observing ourselves through someone else’s eyes…what would your peers be thinking of your actions? Many people either attach more or less self worth to themselves than they should. This usually manifests itself as confidence OR arrogance, and humbleness OR self pity respectively, depending on your mindset. The opinion you form of yourself depends heavily on your mindset, and I definitely believe that you can go about changing your mindset. Although this is beyond the scope of this post, in order to go about changing your mindset, first you have to establish what your mindset actually is, then decide whether it’s a justified one or not.

Establishing what your mindset is

From time to time, it pays to keep a journal or a log, this is beneficial for a number of reasons such as monitoring your dietary intake, structuring your training program and gauging improvement or plateaus. It’s prudent to keep track of how your body responds to certain stimuli (specific exercises) and nutrients (such as carbs and protein), but it also pays to monitor moods and perceptions. For example next time you walk into a room full of masculine, alpha males/females, make a conscious effort to note how you feel. Do you feel inadequate or small, perhaps you feel quite at home…and maybe, just maybe you are indifferent i.e. you just don’t give a damn!

Whatever it is you feel at that moment in time, stand back for a minute, imagine floating up to the ceiling and looking down at yourself in that room, and ask yourself this… should I really be giving a s*** what others think, and does their opinion bear any significance on my life? Feeling comfortable in your own skin is all that matters guys, if you’re comfortable in yourself, then you will exude confidence on the outside too. This mindset really works, and the feeling of freedom that comes with not giving a s*** is truly liberating (similar to going commando for a day or two)! I don’t mean not giving a s*** in the arrogant or ignorant sense of the term, I mean just simply being able to sing from your own hymn sheet, step out from the crowd and present yourself to the world in a manner that says…HERE I AM, this is me, and this is what I have to offer, if you like it great, if you don’t then so be it cos guess what…a wolf doesn’t concern himself with the opinions of sheep.



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