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The Discount Supplements Ambassador program is a new initiative designed to bridge the gap between the consumer, the sport and fitness professional, and the array of health and nutrition supplements on offer here at Discount Supplements. Our brand ambassadors are here to make the most of the outstanding nutrition supplements we offer, but also to educate, guide and inspire our loyal and valued customers.

Our Ambassadors will provide our customers with up to date, first hand information on all the new trends in the fitness industry. They will provide tips on nutrition and training for optimal results, as well as offering mentorship to anyone wanting advice on how they can get the most from their training. The Discount Supplements Ambassadors aren't here for the sake of having ambassadors, they're here to share their unique skill sets, harness their expertise and channel it into preparing you as the consumer to make the best decision FOR YOU!


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scott nicholls

 Scott Nicholls - 7x British Speedway Champion

Ambassador Head shot sillhouette FINAL FINAL


David Donaldson

David Donaldson Prestige Fitness


Director at Prestige Fitness

David Donaldson, Celebrity Personal Trainer and Owner of Prestige Fitness is one of the worlds leading fitness experts. Working with people of all shapes and sizes. David is a trainer whose energy, hard work ethics and famous training style is responsible for some of the best results seen in fitness.

Training across London, Manchester and LA. David's works on the principles. "When it comes to results, it doesn't matter who we are and where we're from. We should all be doing one thing, and thats simply working out butts off."

Prestige Fitness are a personal training company that care about standards and simply getting the best for their clients. They focus on results, and personalising everything they do; from personal training programs to raising money for charity. They makes things, fun. Bring so much energy to the table and encourage people to go get it.
They believe in transformation for the client is a basic and operate only with The Prestige Standard™.


David says:

Love life and love your training You want results right? Then give your training the commitment it needs. Come on excuses are old news. Results work two ways, the more you put into it, the more it pays back, simple. If your commitment is part time, so are your results. Enjoy your training, get pumped and get the results you want. And when you do get them, their's  simply no better feeling of success.

Follow David and Prestige Fitness here to see some of the best workout and training tips in fitness.
Twitter @PrestigeFitnes
Instagram: PrestigeFit


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Keith Mason

Keith Mason Profile


Keith Mason (born 20 January 1982) is an English born professional rugby league footballer, playing at representative level for Wales, and at club level for Wakefield Trinity Wildcats, Melbourne Storm, St. Helens, Castleford Tigers, and Huddersfield Giants, as a Prop. He has nearly reached 300 games in his career at a top level. Keith went through a big publicized court case with Huddersfield Giants which he won and has now moved on to his acting career with his debut movie Skin Traffik alongside his friend Mickey Rourke, where he plays his henchman in the movie. The movie will be released in 2014.

Fully Qualified PT Instructor Level 3

Keith has a passion for training and he asserts that it’s his most important trait. He believes in what he does and he works extremely hard in order for his clients to come out of the process happier, more confident, healthier and more importantly with the physique they want.
Check out Keith's personal accounts:




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Doaa Shayea


Doaa Shayea FINAL


Doaa is a T54 100m, 200m and 400m wheelchair sprinter. Her goal is to compete in the next paralympic and commonwealth games representing Great Britain. Doaa is already excelling in the sport and demonstrates strength, power and mental focus far beyond her years.

Doaa's passion for her sport and life is evidenced by her success, whether it be achieving personal bests on the track, in the gym, or through becoming the best version of herself by getting out there and engaging with other influential people, such as Prime Minister David Cameron or established Olympic Athletes!

Doaa knows what she wants, and definitely has the tools to get there!

Stay up to date with Doaa's journey via:

Twitter @DoaaShayea

Order via Doaa's URL to be entered into a draw to WIN some PRIZES!



Kristian Carter

Kristian Carter prof


Kristian is 25 years old, lives in Shoreditch, London and works as a personal trainer and actor in London. Three years ago, Kristian was asked to get into shape for a new film that he was working on, and discovered the power of body transformation, going from 25% body fat to under 9% in six months!

Suddenly, Kristian was being asked to do photoshoots, was invited to castings that were inaccessible only a few months previously and felt more physically fit! Kristian trains five times a week at a gym in the City of London, and attends dance classes at a London-based dance studio. He's a big believer in making positive mental changes to drive physical improvement; exercise should be fun and make you feel good!

Kristian is currently training to be a screen-actor full time, and has found that his physique has given him tremendous confidence to go on and achieve more!

To keep up to date with Kristian, use these links:

Order via Kristian's URL to be entered into a draw to WIN some PRIZES!


El Noval

El Noval


El is quickly becoming the man to beat in the Fitness Model and Bodybuilding world. Having won the UK Nationals and USN Bodypower Classic in Men's Physique this year alone, things are moving at lightening speed for the Philippines born, Essex residing 23 year old. Exhibiting one of the most proportioned physiques you'll see ANYWHERE, El has grabbed the attention of top bodybuilding judges and has been featured in the last two issues of FLEX Magazine.

El is 5'6" and weighs just 65kg, but looks twice this size and beats people literally twice his size. As a 4x UKBFF champ already, the future is very bright for El! For more info on El and his training and nutrition regimes check out his pages below:

Instagram >>> el_noval



Gareth Wood


Gaz Wood PT


I am a personal trainer working from Manchester’s premier gym Lifestyle Fitness. In 2014 I was the most booked trainer nationally for the UK’s largest and most successful PT company.

You can visit my website for information on the services I offer also including online coaching and my own motivational page. I am also represented by Fusion Management in London for modelling and casting work.

My previous experience includes personal training at DW Fitness and prior to that I spent 9 years in the Royal Engineers in the British Army as a Bomb Disposal Specialist. I love going to work everyday and am very passionate about helping my clients achieve their goals. I personally guarantee to get them the results they want.



Twitter: @gazwoodpt

Instagram: gazwoodpt


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Rachel Evans

Rachel Evans Feat img


Rachel Evans is a UK bikini athlete and fitness celebrity, Bikini Diva Champion 2013, TFE. A published journalist on health & fitness Rachel is also widely known for her body confidence & bikini body interviews in the international media.

Recent press interviews include MSN News online on the Ellen DeGeneres Oscar Selfie to the Sun newspaper posing as Charlize Theron body double.

As anti-bullying spokesmodel Rachel appeared on ITV Lorraine and supported Celeb Big Brother Samantha Brick when she hit the headlines talking on body confidence issues.

As a fitness model and bikini athlete Rachel continues to compete on the UK stage in bikini-fitness Masters (Over 35 category) UKBFF.

Recently Rachel was cast member on Channel Four's hit reality show First Dates Season2.

With her website MakeOverEssex she shares her athlete fitness journey, gym training and diet prep tips and media interviews to inspire women worldwide.

Rachel currently writes for a top digital magazine as Health & Fitness Editor and has her own website Make Over Essex below.

You can find Rachel on Social media:


Facebook athlete page

FB Personal page is Rachel Evans




Athlete Website


Tom Webb

Tom Webb

My name's Tom Webb, I'm 23 from Oxford, I've been training strongman for about 18months and competing for about 16months. I've recently competed on England strongest junior where I placed 3rd and at uk strongest junior where I placed 4th. I train 5 times a week, 4 gym sessions and 1 event session. In the gym my preferred lift is deadlifting, although I enjoy log and axle pressing, my preferred event would be farmers walk / frame carry.

Tom recognises the integral part that nutrition and supplements play in all things strength, especially muscle repair and recovery after incredibly strenuous exercise, and for maximum strength when training and competing.

Tom's supplement stack includes:
CNP Professional Pro Creatine, Grenade 50 Calibre and USN Muscle Fuel Anabolic.

This delivers the calories, protein and creatine (an important energy and power source) that Tom needs to pull cars, throw kegs, and MUCH more!


Order via Tom's URL to be entered into a draw to WIN some PRIZES! 

Scott Nicholls


Scott Nicholls racing

Super Scotty Nichols, as he was affectionately referred to as he stormed to victory in his second race on Sky Sports 1 last week, is a true legend in the sport of Speedway. Few racers can come close to Scott Nicholl's achievements as a 'speedway skidder' as he jokingly likes to call it, with 7 British Championships under his belt and STILL going strong, it's an honour to have him on the Discount Supplements Ambassador team.

Scott fits in perfectly with our other superb ambassadors, he is fit, strong and regularly uses nutritional supplements as part of his training regime. Wrestling a speedway bike that is hurtling towards a corner at 60+ mph (with NO BREAKS) demands incredible balls, endurance and strength, especially in the core region, which is almost certainly why 70kg Scott can deadlift in excess of 180kg for reps!

As much as Scott's training saps his energy, one of the main struggles as an elite speedway rider is the travel. He frequently flies to countries such as Poland, Sweden and many more, as well as Manchester to race for Belle Vue Pirates, a team whom he Captains and leads by example. This type of regime makes nutrition tough and sporadic, which makes supplements a must for Scott.

Scott has always recognised the part nutritional supplements can play in replacing sweat lost when racing (those bikes, race suits and helmets get HOT), carbohydrate for energy and of course, protein for muscle repair and recovery (just check out some of the crashes that occur in speedway)!

Few sports come close to speedway for excitement, drama and skill! Check out all that Scott Nicholls does via his social channels:


Website: Scott Nicholls Racing

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