Discount Supplements' Christmas Recipe Book for Healthy Eaters



Christmas is the time of year that almost all discipline and self-control seems to go out the window. With almost no healthy meal options in the traditional Christmas meal, it is difficult to maintain a healthy balanced diet whilst also participating in the festivities.

We have been hard at work busy reworking some of your Christmas favourites into healthier alternatives fit for those who eat a low FODMAP diet or those who plan on hitting the gym before the Christmas lunch and will need that protein kick to replenish your muscles. Amongst the favourites are High Protein Eggnog, Low Fat Stuffing as well as a twist on a traditional Christmas Turkey.

As a sneak peak of what to expect we have decided to let you in on one of our easier recipe’s that will be featured in our recipe book; Vegan Maple Turnip and Carrot Mash.

Our Christmas Recipe Book for Healthy Eaters will be launched on the 1st December with free eBooks going out to all Discount Supplement account holders in the first week of December. Make sure to sign up today to secure your Healthy Christmas eBook.

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