Discount Supplements Reflect On A Great Day At Reflex Nutrition HQ


So our visit to Reflex Nutrition began with a fresh and early drive over to Brighton and Hove where Reflex HQ resides. Immediate reactions were positive as the plethora of staff members arrived in their branded Reflex attire which included ‘R’ branded coats, hoodies and shirts to name a few. Attention to detail at Reflex was tip top, from the moment I entered the foyer a kind and nice natured factory worker escorted me to the cafeteria where I was offered a hot or cold drink. Staff members entered intermittently and helped themselves to the complementary Reflex Instant Whey located on the kitchen units. Impressions were good from the outset, I mean Instant Whey on tap… can’t be bad at all!


Reflex Nutrition Instant Whey on tap


After meeting with the excellent marketing team, I was directed to the conference room where I was greeted by renowned supplement expert Mark Gilbert, one of the developers of the first ever Nitric Oxide based nutrition supplement, and then introduced to my fellow seminar attendees. The seminar was perfectly pitched, with Mark cleverly managing to disseminate complex info to a level that was appropriate for all levels of experience. It was refreshing that a company such as Reflex were able to deliver a seminar that was objective and not designed to directly promote their brand or specific product range.

In no shape or form was this a sales pitch from Reflex, their intentions were clear from the outset, and that was to educate and validate nutrition supplementation. Reflex wanted to inform industry experts and potential customers as to what they should be looking for in a supplement, because they knew full well that their supplement range could deliver in all areas. Supplement samples from the full protein range were mixed and given to each delegate to try, including Reflex Nutrition Instant Whey, Reflex Nutrition Micro Whey, Reflex Nutrition Vegan Protein and Reflex Nutrition Growth Matrix. Every product was discussed and explained as we were consuming them, this helped to orient ourselves with exactly what we were ingesting and why (it also made for a refreshing pit stop during the presentation).


Reflex Seminar


Seminar content

Mark delivered an incredibly informative and detailed presentation which was on the money in terms of length, content and entertainment, there were some first- hand experiences mentioned by Mark that made the presentation stimulating and interesting throughout. Specific content took us through ‘what supplements are’, to ‘making informed decisions’ when selecting supplements (something that is of great importance to our customer base here at Discount Supplements, a multi- brand retailer), ‘how to read a supplement label’, right through to detailed explanations of supplement categories, and individual supplement ingredients.

Mark Gilbert and Marketing Director at Reflex Nutrition, Julian Wright, were present during the whole presentation and were extremely well equipped and willing to answer any questions the group had. 

Guided tour

Perhaps one of the highlights of the day was the personal tour of the Reflex Nutrition facility. The tour was an indiscriminate exhibition of exactly what goes in to making the products of one of the most respected and scientific supplement brands on the planet. The tour included a trip to the brand new manufacturing facility which (take it from me) will be delivering us with something special in the not too distant future. Head and beard hair nets were issued prior to entering any ingredient handling facility, so too were white coats, and even fluorescent jackets for crossing the car park, another example of Reflex Nutrition’s admirable due care and diligence!


Reflex Nutrition Guided Tour


Finally we were taken back to the seminar room, offered refreshments, and given the closing brief. Upon leaving we were then given a Reflex Nutrition goody bag that included some of their newest and most popular nutrition supplements, which capped a great day off perfectly. Shame they couldn't do anything about the dogged commute along the M25 on the way home to Essex...

From Tom, and all of us at Discount Supplements, thank you for having us Reflex Nutrition!

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