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So we have all heard of CrossFit, BodyPump, Insanity, P90X but what about the Gym Jones workout? Granted, there are many other different styles of endurance based workouts out there which push you both physically and mentally, but is this workout going to push you harder than before? Read on to find out the Gym Jones workouts mean and why you should include them...

About Gym Jones

Gym Jones is a place where athletes, individuals and professionals go to improve and get better. There are no shortcuts in their training and staying disciplined is what makes the difference between achieving their goals and failing to achieve them. Physical and psychological breakdowns occur but these are all tests to see how they can overcome a challenge, improve and ultimately get better. The founder of Gym Jones is a guy called Mark Twight who you may have heard about as he trains many people within the film industry, as well as other athletes and individuals. As you can see from his stats below, he is a well rounded athlete and for his age there is a reason why he motivates, inspires and keeps people wanting more....

More On What To Expect From This

There are no televisions, mirrors or places where you can sit and have a chat about what you will be doing this weekend.  When you enter the gym which is based in Salt Lake City, US, there is only one thing on everyone's mind, to be better than yesterday. Mark Twight for those that are still unsure of his authority within coaching is an ex world class alpine climber and believes in pushing his body to it's limits in seeing just what he can achieve.

Who Has Used The Gym Jones Workouts? 

Many of you reading this will have seen the movie '300' which was in cinemas a few years ago, the main man Mark Twight was the guy who transformed these men into Spartan Warriors with amazing physiques and six packs. Most of these actors trained lifting heavy weights and only ate what they needed too so that body fat was stripped from them, leaving aesthetic and shredded warrior like physiques. Twight has also helped the likes of Henry Cavill who looked incredible as Superman in the hit movie, Man Of Steel.

Who Can Benefit From This Style Of Training?

Well, this style of training is quite similar to others we see out there, like the ones I have mentioned above and in particular CrossFit. I believe this style of training is going to push you mentally and really alter your mindset on what you can actually achieve when you give it everything. In some of your workouts at present you may find you give yourself an easy ride if you feel tired, or if you aren't in the mood. This would soon change once you adopt the mentality of a Gym Jones athlete. Expect lots of different Olympic lifts, body weight exercises and other activities which are going to test you more than ever.

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