Drinking Alcohol This Festive Season?

Ok hands up, who is going to be drinking alcohol at a few parties during Christmas? Is it going to affect your exercise habits or is it safe to do so? Well, I personally think it's alright to have a couple of drinks if you want to do so at a social gathering. A couple of alcoholic drinks isn't the problem because you still have your wits about you and can control what happens next. The problems start occuring when you start knocking back a couple more drinks, followed by a couple more and some shots/other drinks.

Yeah, I am sure you have all been here, at this point you are not with it and your judgement becomes impaired. Alcoholic drinks are packed full of sugar which you don't need. Sugary rushes mean you are more likely to store body fat unless you dance the night away for five or six hours? Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol like I have already mentioned can impair your judgement leaving you no choice but to eat some rubbish food post bar crawls. Pizza, kebab, chips are all on the menu early hours which your body just simply doesn't need.

My advice - stick to a couple of drinks, have a great time, show your face but remember what your goal is. ' A healthy lifestyle' :)

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