Drip Feed Your Body Over Night With The Right Nutrients

Most of you will eat well during the day but what about foods you can consume before you go to bed to help maximise recovery? Do some of you think that you shouldn't perhaps eat after a certain time because what you do eat will store as body fat? Do you think it is unhealthy to eat something late at night? In this article I want to give you a heads up why it is important to drip feed your body over night with the right nutrients for maximal recovery!

Exercising After Work

If you do think that eating late at night is bad for you then here is a scenario I want you to think about because, you could be doing it wrong. Let's say you finish work at 530pm and head to the gym for 6pm and spend an hour working out. How many of you will still eat one or two meals before you go to bed? You should be having your protein shake and eat something after this workout to re fuel your muscles and give it the nutrient it needs! If up until now you haven't been doing this, I urge you to get at least one meal in so that you reap the rewards of your workout.

The Recovery Process

Your muscles recover when you are resting and this mostly happens when you are asleep. It is therefore crucial you give your body the nutrients it requires when you are asleep so you can speed up your recovery process. When you sleep the recovery process happens and certain chemical reactions happen for your muscles to rebuild, grow stronger and denser. The release of growth hormone occurs and providing you consume protein there will be protein synthesis.

Muscle Protein Synthesis 

This is crucial for muscle repair, growth and maintenance of the muscles within the body. However the only way this can happen is by consuming a protein source so that your body can digest the protein and use the amino acids for the above reasons. Repair, growth and maintenance is sound reasons why you should consume enough protein for your body. So if you workout late at night but then don't give your body the protein it requires, how do you think your muscles will respond?? Well, it will have a negative impact on your body and even though your muscles have been broken down, there is no reason for them to grow! Consume protein!!

Whey And Casein Protein

So whey protein should be consumed immediately after a workout because it is a fast absorbing protein which your muscles require for them to begin repairing. Whey protein is acid soluble, has smaller particles which can get to work straight away once consumed! Casein protein however has a different make up to whey protein and this should be consumed when there will be large periods the body will go without food. So casein is a much denser protein and takes a lot longer to break down within the stomach and an ideal time to take this would be before you sleep.

Recover With Casein While You Sleep

On the other hand, casein is going to give your muscles a drip feed of protein which will help feed your muscles throughout the night. When you sleep you are effectively fasting and if you haven't given your muscles enough protein they won't be recovering properly. The best thing you can do is consume a casein protein shake 30 minutes before you sleep so the proteins are broken down and utilised by the muscles. A key point to remember is that just because you are sleeping it doesn't mean your body and all it's organs shut down, quite the opposite infact! Forget the rubbish that eating before you bed will cause you to gain weight, a casein protein shake will give your body the correct nutrients it needs for your muscles to recover properly and grow effectively.

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