The Dryathlon 'Get Dry For January' Is Over.....


A few days into February means the 'no drinking for January' is over and many of you might be back to drinking alcohol again after stopping for 31 days, however it's really important you keep it sensible and don't go over the top with everything. The cause was for Cancer Research and as many as 54,000 people got together to raise money for cancer as well as boost awareness and help with more people getting to know about the terrible disease. From a health point however, now 'Dry January' is over here are some good tips to keep your health in check and reduce the amount of alcohol you have...


We all know that too much alcohol is bad for you and not just because it attacks the liver, but also due to the high calories and sugar content after a few beverages. The odd drink isn't going to do much and like most things we consume, it's all about having alcohol in moderation and not going over the top with it, especially when we are considering your health.

Post January

Being 'dry' from alcohol for a whole 31 days is a great achievement and it just goes to show what you can do when you put your mind to something. That's a whole month without any alcohol whatsoever and if you can do this then perhaps you can achieve other goals too, like fat loss? Think about it, if you can put your mind to one thing then you can do it for something like concentrating on healthy foods if you want to lose a bit of weight or become a healthier person.

Don't Binge

The last thing you want to do is to go out and binge drink as this can have an adverse effect on your body because you've just given the body 31 days of rest. You're more likely to feel terrible and get drunk a lot quicker just because the liver has had time to rest and rejuvenate a little from having time off.

Stay healthy

Limit the amount of alcohol you have by just having some on the weekend but keeping a lid on exactly how much you're having. Your health is far more important than how many bottles of champagne/wine you can put away in one night with your friends. Remember that when you drink alcohol you are more likely to crave bad foods which are high in sugar that will increase body fat, by keeping your alcohol low will prevent these cravings!

Set A New Goal...

Now that this goal has been completed it's time for you to set a new goal within your health and fitness goals, which can be anything from wanting to lose weight to gaining it. Like I mentioned above, you have already shown a high level of commitment to get something done so why not put this mindset to another goal you want to achieve. Just because Dry January is over doesn't mean you can't reach another goal which you want to achieve, no more excuses, get out there and get it done. Start by writing this goal down followed by three steps with how you can reach it! Go For It !!

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