The Easy Way To Prevent Injuries

Whatever your fitness goals may be, getting injured definitely isn’t one of them. Unfortunately, exercise related injury rates appear to be on the rise. According to a study from the University of Arkansas, there has been an increase of 35% in gym related injuries in recent years.

There are two main reasons for this:

1. Bad Posture – During the day many of us are sat at a desk staring at a computer screen. If your monitor is positioned badly or you sit on a chair lacking in back support this can encourage you to adopt a poor postural position which can be reflected in the gym. Over time this weakens the musculoskeletal structure and leaves you more prone to injury.

2. Too Much Too Fast – Most of us are guilty of this one, either pounding the treadmill for a ridiculous amount of time or putting far too much weight on the bar. All of this in a bid to either compensate for the fact we have been lazy for an extended period of time or because we are proving how committed we are to a new routine.

Both of these are simple to rectify and can greatly reduce your chances of picking up a silly injury and ruining your chances of progress before you have even started!

If you are not guilty of the above reasons and still find yourself prone to injury, check back here for our article this afternoon on ways we can actively prevent injury both inside and outside of the gym.


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