Efectiv Amino Matrix Giveaway Winners Review

I was lucky enough to receive the new Cola Flavour Amino Matrix by Efectiv from Discount Supplements. This came thankfully just in time because my aminos were running out.


Why is it important to have an aminos supplement? When in stage prep it is vital to retain lean muscle whilst also trimming ones body fat percentage to be stage ready. To get scientific; Amino acids maintain the steady flow of protein to your muscles which therefore works as an aid to reduce muscle loss during exercise. Granted there are amino rich foods like eggs, turkey and beef, however, the body cannot produce 14 out of 23 essential amino acids, which are required by an athlete and thus we turn to supplementation.


I personally train in a fasted state in the morning and by doing this I am at risk of losing the muscle mass I have built. The Efectiv Amino matrix is an instant absorbing supplement to aid recovery and offset any risk of muscle loss. But this sweet (literally sweet) tub also contains glutamine, which is another vital ingredient for retaining and supporting muscle growth.  It also aids in the support for stable digestion and in doing so reduces inflammation. This supplement is not restricted to bodybuilders. These ingredients will aid in anyone’s lifestyle, the quantity and regularity it's taken in is dependent on your lifestyle and goal. 


This sugar free tub of healing powder sounds too good to be true! But it’s an all round combination of essential supplements, needed for the muscles building blocks and promoting gut health for an athlete. It’ll also tackle your sweet tooth cravings and regulate your metabolism. 


Please be aware of your own recommended intake and consult a physician if you experience any side effects with any supplementation out side of your balanced diet.

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