El Noval Competes In The Arnold Classic Europe : Hala El! #Ambassador

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Things are moving so quickly for Men’s Physique rising star El Noval, the local lad (now residing in Essex) was flown to Madrid, Spain to showcase his world class posing, enviable proportions and overall incredible physique. In a fierce group (Men’s Physique up to 172cm) that see’s the best competitors from all over Europe exhibit their expertly developed physiques, our guy El Noval did the UK proud! El has been training for little more than 3 years, and yet despite this was able to finish in the top 6 in Europe!

El remains humble and unassuming despite having taken 4x UKBFF Championships this year, including the UK Nationals and USN Bodypower Classic in Men’s Physique earlier this year. With these titles behind him, El went into the Arnold Classic Europe in pretty good shape (to say the least). Having spoken to El I can reliably report that as always, he is humbled and grateful to have been given this opportunity, but is inevitably disappointed to not have taken the crown of Europe’s best back home to the UK. The competitive nature of bodybuilding makes it impossible and unnatural for any self-respecting bodybuilder not to feel disappointment at not taking the number 1 spot.
The top 10 of the Men’s Physique up to 172cm read:


1.) Ammar Mohammed Shlash

2.) Boas Henrique Macorim Vieira Oliveira

3.) Essa Mohammed Al Sulaiti

4.) Renatas Suleimanovas

5.) Meite Niamba

6.) Elnan Noval

7.) Addulrazzaq Alyakoot

8.) Ahmad Aljadi

9.) Miguel Angel Gallegos Haro

10.) Mousa Esmaeil Pour Karimi


This top 10 saw two Brits making the top 6, El being one, and Meite Niamba being the other. Great to see the UK featuring around the top in what appears to have been a middle-eastern dominated top 10.

El has enviable proportions and mature muscle that defies just 3 years of training, he delivers a posing routine that is fluid, concise and well planned and NEVER takes his eye off the ball during the prep and post comp analysis. El has managed to increase his bodyweight by 5kg taking him up to 70kg, and despite the increase, has still managed to come on stage looking dry and tight!

As we start a new week, El is looking ahead to the impending British Championships this coming Saturday. The nutrition is back on, the training persists, and the journey to the top for our friend and inspiration, continues! Come one El!


Check out El's Supplement regime:


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USN BCAA Power Punch

Muscletech Platinum 100% Premium Multi Vitamins

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