Elevate Testosterone Levels To Achieve More Muscle

Sorry ladies but this post is definitely one for the men, however you can still have a read and perhaps give your training partner the heads up on what he needs to do. Did you know that most men produce 6.8mg of testosterone per day and compared to most women, only 0.5mg is produced. Testosterone is needed to build muscle tissue and for this reason, we can see here why women who get in the weights area will not build muscles like us men. Why? Because your main hormone is estrogen which isn't the muscle building hormone, so rest assured when you are curling or pressing :)

Here is how you can optimise your testosterone levels...

Body Fat 

First things first is keeping an eye on your body fat levels. Belly fat is a testosterone buster and not a booster so you need to shed some of it for levels to increase. Also, did you know that body fat contains aromatase, an enzyme that converts testosterone into estrogen and this causes less amounts of it being produced. Not good right? So, if you are getting out of the shower or bath and you look down and can't see your jewels, you know it is time to do something about it!

Supplement With Zinc

So it goes without saying eating healthy is going to optimise your production of testosterone within your body, however supplementing with zinc has also shown great effects. Not a fan of using a supplement, well these foods listed below are high in zinc and will do a similar job. Spinach, Nuts, Beef, Dark Chocolate, Beans and Mushrooms all provide high levels of zinc which is going to help you.

Ensure Baseline Protein 

Possibly the easiest thing to do which often isn't done by many males I speak to is meeting your protein requirements on a daily basis. A good fact to know is that you should be having at least 1g of protein per 0.8kg of body weight and usually this is adjusted to 1.5g-2g depending on how much muscle mass you have. consuming the right amount of protein for your body per day will optimise your testosterone production and increase muscle mass, it's a win, win!!

Increase Vitamin D

Get outside as much as you can especially when the sun is out so that you absorb as much Vitamin D as possible. Unfortunately for most of us that live in the UK this is easier said than done, but luckily for you guys, there is a solution. Supplementing with Vitamin D and having approx 100/200 NMOL/L per day will see an increase of testosterone production! How many of you feel better when you have been out in the sun? Sun is best but when you can't get any of it, use a Vitamin D supplement so that you do not miss out!

Eliminate Refined Sugars

This is a big NO NO! You do not need refined sugars in your diet and we all know what happens when we do include them. Not only do you feel rubbish, you also slow the rate at which testosterone is produced. Furthermore, refined sugars which aren't used as fuel in the body end up going back in the bloodstream and being stored as fat. Remember point 1, reduce body fat so that you optimise your production of testosterone.

There you have it, a few easy ways to increase your production of testosterone and in turn this will help increase muscle mass while in the gym. Why? Increased levels of testosterone help increase strength which will give you better lifts when holding those iron dumbbells ;)

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