Are You An Endurance Athlete? Make Sure You Get Enough Of This...

Getting straight to the point on this one, if you are a runner, cyclist or swimmer then you must make sure you consume enough of this nutrient to recover properly from your sessions. Most of you will think that this supplement is only for bodybuilders or those looking to build muscle mass however you would be wrong in thinking this. This supplement and food group is a must and if you have reached a plateau or need a new edge to your training I recommend you start using this alongside your diet. What am I talking about? Well, read on to find out more


Ok so before you click off this link because you are still convinced that protein isn't what you need, ask yourself this question, how many times do you find yourself feeling sore and achy from a run or ride? Have you recently been in the pool but just can't muster up enough strength to power through? If you are relating to these questions then perhaps you need to start supplementing with a protein so that you recover better. Protein is responsible for recovery, strength and the restructure of your muscles. If you workout often, 3 times a week and more then you have to make sure you consume enough protein so that you do not burn out....

Why Protein

Remember, protein is for every athlete out there, but of late I have been speaking to endurance athletes who seem to neglect using this, because of the physiological stigma around using it. You won't get big, bodybuilder type muscles and you certainly won't be looking like one either. In fact, a whey protein which is biologically available to the body, meaning it can be absorbed fast is EXACTLY what you need after a training session and during the day to meet protein requirements.

How Much?

So certainly after your workout is an optimal time to take your whey protein as you need something fast releasing which gets to work quickly. Protein works straight away in the muscles and it's job is to rebuild lean STRONGER muscle fibers. Other times when you can use a whey protein supplement is at breakfast or as a snack throughout the day.

As A Rule

You should be aiming for 1-2g of protein per 1kg of body weight. This is a good rule to stick by as it shows how much protein you actually need. You might have more protein on days you workout as opposed to other days when you rest and aren't in such a need.

Protein IS Important

Just like carbohydrates, protein is up there as just as important when you are working out. Endurance athletes, you know that you need carbohydrates so that you have enough energy to keep on going in whatever activity you are doing. Protein allows your muscles to recover faster but also stronger. This means that your performance will increase and you will be able to shave off seconds on your time for something, run faster or cycle quicker. Make sure you are consuming enough protein everyday to maximise your results when training.

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