Are We Entering A Generation Of Weakened Individuals?

I’m talking about a future of individuals at a greater risk of chronic conditions such as liver disease, obesity and diabetes. Excuse the pessimism here, but it remains a very real possibility based on research published in the journal Cell Metabolism. The study found that environmental factors in the womb can predispose both the mother’s offspring and the grandoffspring to metabolic disorder such as the abovementioned. The findings suggested that malnutrition could be the common denominator here, they found that mice who were malnourished and who had a 50% caloric restriction during the last week of pregnancy had offspring that were low birth weight, were failing to thrive (unable to grow) and incredibly went on to become obese and diabetic ac they aged! What was particularly interesting was that the grandoffspring seemed to inherit the predisposition to metabolic abnormalities.

In a society that seems to be struggling to buy healthy food and drink because of inflating cost, are we actually entering a generation of weakened individuals based on nothing more than malnourishment…surely not in this day and age, are we?!?


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