Is This The Best Exercise For Building A Big Strong Back???


When you're looking at building big muscles on your body, a popular belief is that compound exercises are going to be the best ones in getting this job done. I would agree to some extent that these are what you need to be performing but there are other exercises which are going to shape your physique effectively. These exercises might fall under the radar as not being essential exercises to perform and therefore get left as a warm up or as a finisher at the end, but the trouble with this being is that you are then weaker and have less energy to push out maximum output.

Back Exercises

If you were going to do a typical back workout I'm sure many of you will start with some deadlifts or rows which are compound movements which generates a lot of muscles to pull together and work out each rep. Compound exercises like these are great because they boost growth hormone and testosterone which allows muscular growth. Are you missing a trick though starting with these exercises every single workout? I believe you should mix things up a bit and use other exercises at the beginning to rotate your arsenal of exercises. When you start your workout you are fresh, therefore changing up what you do is vital when wanting to tweak certain muscles.

Wide Grip Pull Ups

Probably one of the most under rated exercises for back day is performing wide grip pull ups which really do help build a strong, impressive back. Ask yourself right now when was the last time you put in some proper working sets on wide grip pull ups either using body weight or adding additional weight to you? Can you even do a pull up, they do say this is a true test of strength?

Why Pull Up? 

In my opinion wide grip pull ups offer so much in terms of strength, fitness and the natural building of your physique which is what you want. Pull ups are a hard exercise to perform because it requires you to literally pull your body weight from a lowered position, fight gravity and lift yourself towards a bar which does take incredible strength. If you can't do a pull up yet, there are ways to help you get there so you can begin to introduce them into your sessions.

Increase Your Pull Ups

Try adding different variations to your pull ups so that you continue to see good results when training, you can add weight, change the tempo at which you do the reps and include different hand grips. I personally think that the best way to increase your width in your back is through weighted wide grip pulls. Simply attach a plate to a weight belt in place a dumbbell in between your legs and perform as many reps as you can in your set like this.

You can also adjust your grip with this and turn your wide grip pull ups into suicide pulls which means you keep a full overhand grip and don't interlock your thumb. This will make the exercise a lot harder and test your strength when performing this style of pull up.

Finally, you can think about adjusting your speed at which you lift your self and lower yourself on the bar. Switching tempo can greatly increase the rate at which your muscles work as the tension increases where they are contracting to keep you there. Try these different techniques and I guarantee you will build a more impressive back!

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