Are You Doing This Exercise Properly??

A frequent exercise I see in the gym which is not being performed correctly (in my opinion) is one for the shoulders. For me personally, I have found my shoulders a very hard muscle group to build up because of how narrow and small my build is. However, one thing is for sure, performing this exercise correctly is going to help build an awesome looking physique. Want to know what the exercise is, well it is the lateral raise, or the side raise as it is more commonly known as. Find out more on how you can develop the perfect technique for this exercise...

Side Raises..

So this exercise really helps with building the shoulder out and adding a bit more width to your frame. If you were like me, performing side raises is really going to help that physique of yours. In particular we are focusing on the medial deltoid head of the shoulder and so we must be strict in the form of the exercise. It is called a side raise so the exercise must start and finish from the side of your body to really hit the medial deltoid.

No Go's

Again, in my opinion I believe there are some variations of this exercise which aren't really hitting the medial deltoid as much as they should, these exercises should be avoided. Remember when you are in the gym, you are trying to maximise your time spent performing certain exercises to get the best outcome. Therefore, if you are doing an exercise wrong, or not as well as you could be, you need to change your technique. Avoid performing the side raise by bringing your hands and arms forward because this is more than likely going to hit your front (anterior) deltoids rather than the medials. Another no, no is raising the arms above your head in an 'arc' like motion. This puts a bit of stress on joints and again, isn't as effective...

What Should You Do..

Well, I think the side raise should be performed as if your elbow was connected to a piece of string and lifted. The movement and force is driven by your elbow and not your hands. Stand with your knees slightly bent and draw the shoulders back slightly, keep the hands by the side of your thighs so you can raise in one plane of movement. When raising you ideally want to stop at shoulder level and really connect the mind in working just your medial head.

Stand or Seated....

Either perform the exercise standing or seated (which is how I prefer to do it) and use dumbbells that you can lift. It really doesn't matter about the weight as long as you are making progress. A slight bop in the knees or a swing in the back isn't going to do much harm. However if you still aren't convinced and need to see the movement in action, check out my video below on how you should be performing your side raises, ENJOY :)

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