Why This Exercise Should Be Done At Least Once A Week....

If there is one exercise out there that you should perform at least once a week it has got to be an exercise which works your whole body. No I am not talking about a swinging, back breaking bicep curl or a thousand ab crunches. This exercise is something which you should do to help maximise growth, tone and fat loss without having to do lots of endless cardio on a treadmill. What is the exercise? Any ideas?


This exercise will work your muscles from top to toe and boost your metabolism whilst giving you an amazing workout. It will increase strength and muscle tissue each and every time you come to lift in this way. You will notice your cardiovascular system is fitter and in time you will be able to lift more weight than when you started. There will be a significant change in your physique too as your body will start to adapt with the tension you are putting it under, this is again another positive. Most of all this type of exercise will help burn a lot of calories so if weight loss/fat loss is a goal of yours, this is a must do exercise.

Growth Hormone Release

Perhaps around this time of the year you're looking to increase the size of your muscles and want to increase overall size too? Are you also supplementing with a mass gainer to see the results from the hard work you are putting in the gym? Did you know that this exercise you will perform can increase the amount of human growth hormone which is released within the body? This means testosterone increases which then boosts strength too and allows you to lift a lot more than you usual. Furthermore the more this hormone is released within the body the better your results are, especially if you are looking to grow.

The Exercise

Any guesses as to what it is you will be doing? Probably comes as no surprise that you will be doing Deadlifts and hitting them twice a week can really make a difference to your physique. This exercise requires you to use an Olympic Bar and then load it up with the appropriate weights to test your physique as best as you can. The deadlift looks something like this...


So as you can see you start off in a squat position with the bar in front of you, feet planted and roughly shoulder width apart. From this position you will keep hold of the bar and stand up with it by driving through the quads, lower and upper back. This equates to one repetition and once completed simply return to the bar being dead on the floor before lifting it again. Deadlift means, lifting a weight dead from the floor without bouncing it on the ground.

As this is a compound exercise which really works the body don't forget to use your protein shake immediately afterwards so that it can start recovering effectively.

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