The BEST Exercises You Can Perform On Holiday....

Reading the title and thinking you are going on holiday to rest and not do any exercise? We all think it, but I guarantee you there will come a time when you have that itch or urge to go do something productive but not quite sure how to utilise your time effectively. Well, this is where we come in as we like to make sure you have got all the tools you need in preparation just in case you need it. Having just returned from holiday myself I rested a lot but still felt like I needed to workout, not through fear of losing muscle because this wouldn't happen. Instead I choose to because I LOVE working out, it is my lifestyle and what I love doing.

Rest Is Important

Many of us exercise a lot, live hectic lives and the term 'rest' is lost somewhere between Monday -Saturday because of it all. If we think about resting on a Sunday it's short lived as we are likely to have chores and bits and pieces to sort out. So going away and resting is a great idea which can help give your body the vital recovery it needs. You may even find that resting gives your body enough time to replenish and sort out any niggles you may have. So use your time wisely when on holiday, if you are like me though and still want to workout outside, then take a look at this...

The Workout 

This is a workout where there is no gym, we are using mother nature at it's best and looking for anything we can use as a prop to make our workout harder. Of course, you could just perform a bodyweight workout of push ups and abs, but what about other muscle groups you can hit and work just as hard as when you are in the gym. So look around, check your surroundings and look for what you can use to your advantage. Usually, hills, climbing frames, benches etc are great to use.

Here Goes.....

Perform 5-10 sprints up hill to warm your legs up nicely

Lunge uphill to increase greater output from your hamstrings, glutes and quads. When going uphill you will also engage more of your stability muscles within your mid section.

Jump Squat uphill 

Find somewhere you can perform pull ups to concentrate on working your lats and opt for under hand grip to work on more of the thickness of your back.

Super set your back work with performing different variations of press ups which involves you being on a flat surface, feet raised on a bench or hill and then feet on the floor and hands raised on the bench. This will hit upper and lower chest muscles like you would normally do in the gym.

For shoulders, if you can find something that your can lift above your head or out to the side then you are onto a winner.

You will be working your arms throughout by assisting larger muscle groups so don't worry too much about working them separately.

Your abs will be working throughout too however you might want to perform some leg raises, planks, crunches at the end.

By the way, if you are near the sea or by a pool, why not finish by hitting some lengths in there to finish you off. 10-15 minutes in the water front crawl/breast stroke to well and truly leave you feeling pumped, why not eh ;)

Don't forget to have your whey protein shake too, just because you are on holiday doesn't mean you go missing your protein!! Oh and finally, if you still need some motivation, listen to what Mike Rashid has to say about training out of the gym...

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Job Role Nutritional and Fitness Advisor Qualifications Premier International Diploma in Personal Training, Nutrition and Sports Massage Therapy Scott has always been active growing up being involved in different sport teams and individual sports such as boxing and Jiu Jitsu. It wasn't until Scott dislocated his left knee during a Jiu Jitsu Competition when he developed a new passion which was going to the gym. Scott studied an International Diploma in Personal Training, Nutrition and Sports Massage Therapy which he has used for over 8 years in the Fitness Industry. Scott has been successful in his field in the UK and in other countries of the world. He has helped many people achieve their goals in Fat Loss, Weight gain, Hypertrophy and other areas of Health and Fitness. Scott is very passionate and is a big motivator who is going to provide you with expert advice and looks forward to helping you with your goals. There is more to see of Scott as he will be competing in Fitness Modelling competitions this year and next so keep a look out for him.
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