The SIX Exercises You Can Do With A Pull Up Bar


The Pull up bar isn't just for back exercises and can be used for a whole range of different movements which will target different areas of your body. Body weight exercises and weight belts can be used to increase additional weight to make movements harder and ultimately test your body. Here are some great exercises you can perform on a pull up bar that you might not have usually done and will give you something to moan about the following day, because your muscles will ache and not for anything else ;)

The Pull up

One of the most popular and favourite exercises to perform on a pull bar is the pull up/chin up. This exercise works the forearms, biceps and back muscles when working through full motion of your arms. Grip and width of hands will determine what part of the body is used more than the other. Classic overhand grip, underhand grip, one hand over and the other under, wide or narrow grip will have your muscles working in different places that you aren't used to working.

Negative Pull Ups 

If you find pull ups a challenge you might want to give negative pull ups a go as these can really boost strength for the more important move, a regular pull up. All you need is the bar and a box/step so that you can jump from this and slowly lower yourself down from the bar. Ideally you want to count to 5 between lift off and lowering yourself so that your arms are straight. With every rep really squeeze your back muscles so that the next time you do it, the exercise becomes easier and you get stronger.

Hanging Leg Raises

Working the abs from a hanging leg raise is one of the best exercises out there to really attack the lower region of your stomach. Simply hold onto the bar and have your arms lengthened and tuck your hips under which prevents the body from swinging. Really try to use just your abs to pull yourself up and then slowly lower your legs to feel the full effects this exercise will have on your body. Try and keep as rigid as you can for best results on this one.

Hanging Knee Raises

If the above exercise is a bit too hard then try doing this by adopting the same starting position and raise with your knees instead of straight legs. The exercise still works your lower abs but just not with the same intensity.

Chest Pullups

Grab hold of the bar and whilst leaning back into a pull up, push your chest forward so that when you get closer it touches. Let your head tilt back slightly too and you will notice that this type of pull up works the lower back better than a standard pull up.

Give these a try and see how you get on, don't be afraid to add some weight to your body to make it even harder ;)

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