You Can't Expect To Look Like A Million Bucks If You Eat From The Dollar Menu

Weight loss, fat burn, shaping up and everything else that comes with getting ready for Summer is upon us, but the question remains, are you ready for it? I read something the other day which really made sense to me and it is something really simple we can all adopt and make sure we are aware of..

''You Can't Expect To Look Like A Million Bucks If You Eat From The Dollar Menu''.... Basically what my interpretation of this is, we all need to make a conscious effort of the food we are eating in order to reach our goals. Nutrition is really important and for some of you it might be something you struggle to get right. So I want to give you a few tips on how you can make the most of eating well which is going to make you feel and look great.

Do It Today..

I understand that most of us lead a busy lifestyle and we have so much going on in and around it which makes it hard for us to fit everything into a 24 hour period. However, waiting for the right time to do something will often leave you waiting for the rest of your life because there simply isn't ever the right time to do something. So if your main goal is to lose weight, body fat and shape up then I want you to start today. There will never be a right time to start this task but if you are serious about it and you want to make a start, let's do this...

Make A Food Diary

The first step you need to do is assess what you are currently eating so that you can actually see where you are going wrong. This part may shock you because as human beings we are very good at repressing what we don't want to remember and keep as a realisation. What does this mean? Well, how many times have you eaten something bad for you but just thought it's only one bad thing I am having. Then later in the day you have something else, a few hours later consume something else and it goes on. At the end of the day however do you think back to what you have eaten? If you do, I am pretty sure you will only really remember the good things. So, to move forward for seven days I want you to write a food diary which will list everything you have eaten and drunk for that day.

Seven Days Later

Once you have got a detailed seven day food diary in front of you I want you to analyse it and circle everything which is bad for you. Foods to look out for are sugary, refined or processed foods which offer nothing for you. Similarly do the same with any drinks such as fizzy or hot ones that again are full of sugar and aren't hydrating you. Once you highlight these bad areas you know what to work on and improve.

Choose Wisely 

Remember when you are food shopping, take a minute or two to LOOK at what you are buying. Come out of the habit of just going for what is the cheapest and actually look at the ingredients. Did you know that many foods we usually go for just because they are cheap, are filled with absolute nonsense. A rule of thumb is if you can't pronounce the ingredient stay well clear of it, these will be chemicals or preservatives which aren't good for your body! I'm not saying buy the most expensive option but comparing a product which is 50 pence more expensive but has less rubbish in it is going to be much better for you...


''You Can't Expect To Look Like A Million Bucks If You Eat From The Dollar Menu''


Write out a food diary which you can analyse once seven days is completed and take more time when you are food shopping! Opt for foods that are going to nutritionally benefit you and not mess with your hormones in a negative way. In order to lose weight you must be willing to change your lifestyle for the better, you can do it :)

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