Extreme Endurance Events : Tough Guy, Tough Mudder…& Now Zombie Run!?

Extreme Endurance Events

To all you endurance and adrenaline junkies out there! You've probably either heard of or taken part in extreme endurance events such as Tough mudder, Tough guy or the likes of. During such courses you’re expected to run approx 5-20km whilst enduring an intense, gruelling obstacle course that throws everything at you including mud, water, hills and uneven terrain! And as if this wasn’t enough, you’ll also be treated to some electric shock cables, flames and barbed wire, all finished off with a stroll (or should I say sprint) through a field of stinger nettles, just for good measure. Despite the extreme and no doubt painful nature of these races, people come back again and again. Why on earth would you I hear you ask, well…probably because of the thrill it gives you! Few activities (especially exercise) give you such an adrenaline surge, and it’s this adrenaline rush that often gets you round. During other 10km runs you have plenty of time to mull over the distance you still have to go, this often sews the seed of doubt in your mind causing you to slow up or stop! Well with the newest craze to hit the extreme endurance event, finding time to dwell on things and take it easy isn’t quite so easy. Try thinking of anything other than reaching the finish line with your utility life belt and tags, pride and limbs still intact when you have a hoard of blood splattered, groaning Zombies right up your trumpet!

Zombie run is a novel way of keeping fit, comparable to a grown up version of ‘IT’ only you have to get from A to B in one piece and in the shortest time possible! To begin the race you’ll hear an air raid siren, smashing glass, screams and soon enough, you’ll see why…the un- dead are coming for you. OK to many this may seem a little childish and an farfetched way to keep fit, but it’s the unity you form with other racers, the sense of achievement you get from completing the course and the little rewards that follow. After each event you will receive:

- A well deserved drink (for many this will be a beer)

- A medal (survivor or infected)

- A survivor T Shirt (if of course you should survive)

- Race timing

- After party event pass

- Sponsors goody pack

Is it a proper race?

The race is as hard as you make it, and it’s the personal battle that makes it what it is, but should you choose to compete with others then plenty of fellow competitors will be vying to beat you! Naturally you want to complete the course in the quickest time possible, but for real bragging rights you need to make sure you complete it with at least one tag intact…after all, who wants to be beaten as well as infected!? A 5-10km race is tough in its own right, but having to contend with the cage, maze, nets, wet ramp, the mountain, the wall, zombie pits, the crawl, the crash, web and the bath (comparatively pleasant sounding), then a battle of endurance is just what you’ll get!

Supplements that'll get you around!

Granted, a pill and a shake is never enough to get the job done on its own, however when combined with a healthy balanced diet, exercise routine and a dogged will and determination…supplements can be the difference between good, and very, very good!

For any endurance event, a carbohydrate based pre- workout supplement is key to getting you out of the blocks:

- Opt for a quick and moderate to slow absorbing carbohydrate such as High 5 Energy Source

Try including an energy gel for those moments when you crash aka ‘hitting the runner’s wall’ which occurs when you deplete your glycogen stores:

- High 5’s energy gels are maltodextrin based and enter your circulation and thus muscles at a fast rate. Try squeezing a gel into your mouth at the first sign of absolute energy depletion (be disciplined here).

The recovery nutritional input is as important as the prep and intra race supplementation, after all the recovery process is the first stage of preparing for the next event! After exertion and physical strain your body will be screaming out for protein and carbohydrate to replenish glycogen stores and muscle tissue.

- Science In Sport REGO Rapid Recovery delivers on both counts, providing you with 13g protein and 31g carbohydrate in the shape of a delicious and refreshing milk based shake.


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