Fat Burning Diet and Supplement Plan

Previous articles have included diet and supplement plans for mass building and fuelling endurance activity, as well as enabling people to enter a calorie deficit and burn excess fat. The fundamental principle of my ‘fat burning’ diet plan is not too dissimilar in that it serves to help you shed unwanted layers of body fat, by harnessing the fat burning properties of many foods, drinks and supplements, and optimising when you eat and supplement to help you not only burn excess calories, but to strip the excess layers of fat that are concealing your hard earned abs!

The 6 meal a day rule is often misunderstood, yes it is clear that regular eating positively affects ones metabolism allowing you to burn more calories even when resting, but all too often people take this to the extreme and actually consume 6 what most would deem full on ‘meals’! Consequently they ingest a surplus of calories which hinders their weight loss goals. The intermittent fasting trend has seen many people question the ‘regular meal’ principle because of great results seen from approximately 14-16 hours of fasting daily, this too is a reputable method of weight loss. The problem with prolonged periods of fasting is the extended periods of time you must be without protein; the potential repercussion is a prolonged catabolic period (muscle breakdown) which could hinder developments in muscle mass. There are ways and means to limit muscle breakdown during a fasted state, including the consumption of very low calorie amino acids etc, but this is another matter completely.

The general rule for stimulating fat burning whilst simultaneously sustaining muscle mass is consuming 3 regular, high protein meals, 3 high protein and calorie controlled mid meal snacks, optimising your metabolic/thermic effect of food as well as delivering your body with a sustained release of low glycaemic (slow release) carbohydrates and essential fatty acids.

Fat Burning Diet Plan

Calories: 1460 kcal
Protein: 94g
Carbohydrate: 157g


-Fat Burner/Metaboliser with 150-200ml water/low sugar squash
-1 Grapefruit (50kcal, 8g Carbs)
-2 scrambled eggs (both yolks and whites) (150kcal, 12g Protein)


-35g porridge oats with 200ml semi-skimmed milk (250kcal, 11g Protein, 38g Carbs)
-125ml Orange Juice (100kcal, 1g Protein, 20g Carbs)


-30g Whey Protein (120kcal, 24g Protein, 4g Carbs)
-2 Rice cakes with 1 tspn low fat cream cheese (60kcal, 1.5g Protein, 12g Carbs)


-150g grilled or boiled chicken breast doused in cider vinegar (150kcal, 25g Protein)
- Slice chicken and place onto 1-2 hand full’s of raw Baby spinach with ½ chopped sweet bell pepper and ½ avocado and red onion (80kcal, 7g fat)
-1x apple (50kcal)


-1x large or 2x small Bananas (90kcal, 1g Protein, 23g Carbs)

Evening Meal

-150g grilled cod fillet with lemon juice and black pepper (150kcal, 30g Protein)
-Approx 3 egg sized new potatoes (120kcal, 60g Carbs)
-1 tsp Optimum Health omega oil blend (45kcal)
-1-2 tbspn mangetout, green beans and baby carrot mix (50kcal)

Use this diet plan as a template and amend it to your taste and personal preference. Enjoy!

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