Is It Better To Go With A Fat Loss Blend, Or One Fat Loss Ingredient?


If fat loss is on the agenda this 2015, be it major total weight loss, or trying to strip off that excess layer of stubborn body fat, then a fat loss supplement of some sort can help. The only question you really have to answer is do I go for a fat loss blend, or an individual fat loss ingredient?

Fat loss blends

I consider a fat loss blend to be a deliberate combination of fat loss ingredients, expertly combined to cumulatively improve each individual ingredients fat loss potential. However, does it actually work this way, I mean, do these fat loss blends that contain several fat loss ingredients actually increase your chances of burning fat compared to the individual fat loss ingredients such as CLA, L-carnitine, Green tea extract or Raspberry ketones (to name a few examples). Well, they might do in the recreational person performing weight/ cardio wanting to lose a few extra pounds, but the more elite you become, the more you might want to go for the individual fat loss ingredients.

Although there isn’t one set rule for fat loss, or fat loss supplements, evidence has appeared to show that individual fat loss ingredients consumed separately may increase the dosages people consume of each individual ingredient. This may be beneficial to those wanting to strip off that excess layer of body fat that doesn’t seem to budge with regular food and exercise.

Benefit of a fat burning blend

Examples of these supplements include a protein and fat burning blend such as Optimum Health Diet Protein, PhD Nutrition Diet Whey or Pro Performance Diet Whey. Other out and out fat loss blends include the capsule based products such as Grenade Thermo Detonator, Maximuscle Thermobol, PhD Nutrition Lean Degree or USN Xedra Cut Ultra XT. These supplements contain multiple ingredients in varying amounts, which all offer unique functions in the fat burning process, some liberate fat from their stores so that it is free circulating, others serve as a transporter of these fat stores, whilst some act as a key to unlock muscle so that fat can enter to be burned for energy within the muscle. The strength of these supplements are that they provide all that you need in reasonable quantities, and work out cheaper than buying all of the individual ingredients on their own.

Benefit of individual fat burning ingredients

As mentioned above, buying multiple individual fat burning ingredients may enable you to consume larger quantities (without exceeding the daily recommended dosage) of each active fat burning ingredient. Many athletes may choose to combine a CLA supplement with a Green tea, ALA, l- carnitine and raspberry ketone supplement to increase the amount they consume. However, care should be taken not to exceed the daily recommended intake of these ingredients, this will NOT increase the rate of fat loss beyond that of the recommended intake, but WILL increase your chances of negative side effects.

Provided you have no underlying health condition, all fat loss supplements are safe for consumption provided you don’t abuse them and exceed the daily recommended intake and always follow the directions of use on the back of the container.

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