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Under the Spotlight >>> ‘XL Nutrition Xtra Lean’


‘Xtra Lean’ is the new and advanced, highly developed fat loss supplement from XL Nutrition!

Xtra Lean embodies fat burning science and application. Its ingredients are at the forefront of technology, skilfully distributed to ensure optimal composition, maximising its fat burning effects. Xtra Lean's expertly mediated delivery of Caffeine, Bitter orange peel, White willow, Guarana, Chocamine, Yerba mate, Green tea & L-carnitine makes it a potent fat burner, appetite suppressant and cognitive stimulant to promote intensity and aid focus.

The herbal extracts are designed to support a healthy metabolism, our internal fat burning furnace. In shifting our body’s metabolic preference, you are able to mobilise fat and use this as your main energy source reducing sub-cutaneous fat stores. Used in conjunction with a healthy balanced diet and a structured training regimen, XL Nutrition Xtra Lean will help you to focus and stay motivated, and promote fat burning in order to achieve a lean, defined body...faster!

How does Xtra Lean help to promote weight loss?

- White willow has been seen to reduce inflammation, aches and pains, especially in the lower back region potentially allowing you to train more effectively, and for longer. It may also serve to alleviate inflammation and discomfort associated with arthritis.

- Caffeine, Guarana and Chocamine provide cognitive stimulation; they work cumulatively to maintain motivation, focus and training intensity, whilst simultaneously increasing metabolic rate.

- Green tea & Bitter orange peel also exert stimulatory effects. Green teas antioxidant properties and ability to significantly raise metabolic rate, combined with Bitter orange peels appetite suppressant properties, make these two fat loss powerhouses invaluable in reaching your weight loss goals.

- L-carnitine supports all of the above ingredients with its ability to liberate fat stores and prioritise them for energy.

Try combining the stimulatory, fat mobilising and appetite suppressant effects of XL Nutrition Xtra Lean with an XL Nutrition Xtra Whey protein supplement. The elevated thermogenic effect (fat burning) of protein, appetite suppression and direct gains in muscle mass and/or tone and definition will maximise your fat burning capacity.

Why take XL Nutrition Xtra Lean?

With the summer months fast approaching, holidays and beaches beckon, so now is the time to kick start your fat loss mission! Your ability to shift your metabolic preference to fat burning (even at rest) is supported by XL Nutrition Xtra Lean, your ability to focus and stay motivated is covered by XL Nutrition Xtra Lean, and your discipline with naughty snacking....XL Nutrition Xtra Lean has that covered too!

Whether you are starting out on your fat loss journey and need support in getting fat loss going, or you are further down the fat loss line and want something to keep you going. Maybe you are lean and have never had an issue with body fat, but find yourself struggling to shift that stubborn layer of body fat that is covering your hard earned muscle. XL Nutrition Xtra Lean is your liberator, giving you the support you need to melt fat away!

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