Fat Talk : No One Likes A Moaner!

A problem shared is a problem halved, right? It’s true that many of us find some peace in talking about our problems. You may realise a resolution that you’d previously overlooked, you might find you rationalise better when you say the problem out loud, or simply getting the issue of your chest can help no end!

However, there’s a fine line between sharing a problem and winging about it, a point that is strongly supported in a recent study by Guibert (2013) at the University of Notre Dame. The study found that those women who engage in regular ‘fat talk’ e.g. the pessimistic discussions many women (and some men) have in relation to eating, exercise and their bodies, were far more irritating to their peers. The optimistic and positive women were better liked and consequently formed better relationships, whereas those who complained were rated less favourably on a scale. Those complaining about their weight despite being in relatively good physical condition were (rightly or wrongly) received with the least amount of warmth out of everybody.


Be positive, form positive relationships, and use the positive energy to fuel your ambition.


University of Notre Dame (2013, May 9). Nobody likes a 'fat-talker,' study shows. ScienceDaily. Retrieved May 17, 2013, from http://www.sciencedaily.com­/releases/2013/05/130509154547.htm

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