Feel Free Nutrition Porridge Product Review

Convenient, tasty and ready to go nutritional solutions are what many modern day fitness enthusiasts are looking for at the moment to fit in with their busy lifestyles. Feel Free Nutrition Porridge pots provide just that!

Now let’s have a little deeper look into the product...

Vital Statistics

How much protein is the question most people want to know first, right?

Well - each pot provides a whopping 34g of quality protein (which is a pretty decent amount for most people), specifically - delactosed whey proteins (concentrate, isolate and hydrolysed).

Additionally the pots contain premium ingredients including L-Glutamine, HMB (thought to be effective in preserving muscle mass breakdown) and Medium Chain Triglycerides (a fatty acid that are processed similar to carbohydrates) in addition to a few other ingredients…

So it’s safe to say that Feel Free Nutrition have decided to use quality ingredients in their products, but what about the taste?


The taste of these items are pretty good!

All the flavours taste just as good as you’d expect from the cool looking packaging (Gourmet Strawberry was my favourite).

It’s not just us though, our customers feel the same way - currently the product is standing strong with a solid 5 Star rating! Not bad…


The oats are ground, so texture is like Ready Brek (if you used to have that as a child, or still do maybe! haha)…because of this, it’s super easy to prepare and doesn’t take long until it’s ready to consume (just a few seconds really)…combined with the great taste, this makes it a stand out product in the ready to eat high protein porridge niche.

Oh and by the way, you can have this hot or cold! So if you’re out and about you can just fill with a little water from the tap/water bottle and you’re good to go :-)



These products are pretty much designed for convenience as you may be able to tell, with this being the case they really do excel here.

Weekends away, having in the office drawer, on the road…Feel Free Nutrition Porridge pots makes having ready to go nutrition easy and accessible.

If you’re struggling for time and know you’re not going to be able to eat for a little while, just pop a tub or two in your bag and you’re good to go.

Just add water, mix and enjoy!

Overall Rating

Feel Free Nutrition Protein Porridge pots get a 9/10 rating here for being an outstanding convenient, tasty and nutritious solution to the modern fitness enthusiast.

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