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How many of you are out and about with work that you sometimes forget to eat? Are you bored of having a protein shake with you in the car and feel like you need to physically eat something instead of consuming a drink? Do you sometimes find yourself feeling more dissatisfied when you have a protein shake and this sets off the cravings for bad food like fast food chain pit stops? Hold tight because I might have a solution for you and something that is convenient also, take a look....

Protein Bars

Yup, you read the above right, consuming a protein bar is going to help you get through those sticky periods where you are craving food. Protein bars have a bad rep because most people seem to think these are high sugary bars with a little protein in them, but they are actually quite the opposite. They are jammed packed full of protein which helps feeds your muscles and keeps you feeling full, which is the sole point of this post. If you are busy with work and your lifestyle, sometimes it is too easy just to grab something 'not so healthy' but this generally tends to steer you off course slightly. Staying on track is essential to achieving your goals, hence why protein bars are the way forward for you....

So Many Choices....

Agreed, if you have taken the time to look at our website you will notice there are a rather large amount of protein bars for you to choose and this can be a little off putting. Do you go for that one or this one, what if you make the wrong choice of bar for your goals? Fear not, I am here to outline some of the best sellers, best tasting bars we have got and why they would be suitable for your goals.

Protein Bars

Protein bars tend to be just like, a whey protein bar with low carbohydrates and low calories which are suitable for those of you looking to stay lean. Options for you include...

XL Protein Bar

XL NUTRITION BARS - These protein bars are not only great value for money but they taste really good too. A pure chocolate protein bar which is packed full of protein to help support an active lifestyle. They are also suitable for vegetarians and one of our best selling bars.

OPTIMUM NUTRITION COMPLETE - These protein bars are similar to the above in that they are packed full of protein. They also taste great and are low in carbohydrates and sugar. A great go to snack and very effective in helping you reach your protein requirements on a daily basis.

TOTAL LEAN - Finally these bars are slightly unique as they not only contain a high amount of protein, but all the vitamins and minerals that you need for your body to function properly. A great bar to have as a snack if you are out and about and need something to fill the void.

Protein Flapjacks

CNP Flapjack

Alternatively you might want to look at protein flapjack bars which are similar to the above except for one thing, they have more calories in them. So if you need something with a bit more sustenance and calories, this type of bar is for you. The reason for the extra calories is due to the fact that they contain more carbohydrates than regular protein bars. So whether you are looking to maintain your shape or increase body weight, these protein flapjacks are the ones for you.

CNP PRO FLAPJACKS - One of best flapjacks out there with a high protein content. They have a few different flavours and offer a fairly high amount of carbohydrates too. This is around the 350 calorie mark which works as a great snack when you can't access food.

XL NUTRITION FLAPJACKS - Another flapjack which is similar to the above however it is just oat based. There are no additional flavours to this but it does contain high protein and a substantial amount of carbohydrates. These flapjacks are another popular choice by our customers and also work out as exceptional value for money.

SCI MX PRO 2GO - Finally this flapjack is another great seller amongst our customers for obvious reasons, it tastes great and offers great nutritional benefits. The flavours make it a little bit different to other bars and the yoghurt and honey flavour is a popular that usually sells out pretty quickly. A great flapjack that should fill you up when you need it most.

Enjoy and use these supplements when you need them the most, they shouldn't really be used as a meal replacement. Use them as a valuable addition to your diet :) 

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