Feeling Sluggish, Tired and Have a Lack of Energy?

Are you exercising regularly but often find yourself tired? Do you eat well and get to sleep early but still think you need a pick up before you have a training session? Is coffee just not cutting it? Well did you know a Pre Workout supplement could be the answer for you and here is why. Pre workout supplements have caffeine, taurine, beta alanine, l-arginine and creatine. These ingredients combined will give you the extra power and strength you need when you are feeling tired.  Your mental focus will be increased and therefore your workout will be one of your best ever!! For those of you that are off caffeine and don't like taking it, some products are non-caffeinated just so you can still use them.

My advice to you is that you use this type of supplement on the days when you need the pick up. This is where you will see the biggest difference in your training sessions. Let me know how you get on by leaving a comment or if you need help in which one to go with. Keep up the great training.

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Job Role Nutritional and Fitness Advisor Qualifications Premier International Diploma in Personal Training, Nutrition and Sports Massage Therapy Scott has always been active growing up being involved in different sport teams and individual sports such as boxing and Jiu Jitsu. It wasn't until Scott dislocated his left knee during a Jiu Jitsu Competition when he developed a new passion which was going to the gym. Scott studied an International Diploma in Personal Training, Nutrition and Sports Massage Therapy which he has used for over 8 years in the Fitness Industry. Scott has been successful in his field in the UK and in other countries of the world. He has helped many people achieve their goals in Fat Loss, Weight gain, Hypertrophy and other areas of Health and Fitness. Scott is very passionate and is a big motivator who is going to provide you with expert advice and looks forward to helping you with your goals. There is more to see of Scott as he will be competing in Fitness Modelling competitions this year and next so keep a look out for him.


  • Nuno

    These are also the symptoms for low levels of vitamin D. When you go to the GP and have a check up, it's not a bad idea to ask to add checking for vitamin D levels. Adding vitamin D does not work as an "energy boost" type of supplement, it's a rather smooth correction to something that went wrong with diet and lack of sun light.

    • Scott Riches
      October 10, 2013 Scott Riches

      Agreed Nuno, a lack of vitamin D can leave some people feeling more tired in winter months as opposed to summer ones. Very important to have your Vit D levels checked regularly, well pointed out :) Scott

  • Karly - SleepPro

    Interesting article Scott. Feeling sluggish after you feel like you've had a great nights sleep may also be the cause of sleep apnoea. If you're overweight this may be a more common problem, but if you stop breathing during sleep your body will wake you up to kick start your breathing cycle. When this happens many times throughout the night, you can be left feeling sluggish the next day.

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