Are You Female? Do You Lift Weights?

If you are female and lift weights, will they make you look bulky? Will you become the next Mr Olympia and will you need to change your complete wardrobe to find clothes to fit your wide, muscular physique? The answer to all these questions is no but why are many females so scared of picking up some weights? More and more publications are being posted encouraging women to train with weights because of the great benefits, here are some of them...

Build Muscle

If I had 10 women lined up and told them by lifting weights you will gain muscle mass, how many do you think would want to do it? Not many let me tell you. This is because gaining muscle is associated with bodybuilders, men and those that want to look like the next Jay Cutler or Phil Heath. Muscle is responsible for different functions within your body and a main one is controlling your metabolic rate. An increase in muscle tissue can subsequently increase your metabolic rate which means less fat storage. Building muscle shouldn't be only associated with guys who want to develop bigger, muscular bodies. This is what puts women off from using weights, however I assure you by using them you will notice a change in your physique unlike just sticking to cardiovascular exercises.


Lifting weights is one thing but to then eat more protein would be another, but you sure need it if you want to maintain a body you are happy with all year round. You see, just like lifting weights, protein doesn't give you huge muscles that turn you into a man, protein helps repair and build muscle tissue. Just to recap, muscle is important for keeping your metabolism high and reducing the amount of fat your body stores. Another factor to consider is that the role of protein is their to repair and rebuild from the session you have just put yourself through. If you aren't giving your muscles the proper nutrition then you simply won't see the results you want to see. Think of it like protein is there to refuel your muscles just like you would have a drink of water if you were thirsty. Protein alone though won't build enormous muscles, in order for your body to grow and change drastically results in eating large amounts of calories than what your body burns. So ladies, again you can feel assured that consuming protein is only going to help you and not turn you into a body builder.

How much Protein? 

Protein shakes are not just for the boys and those that take it seriously. The whole point of having a protein shake is so that after your training session you can have something which is convenient and works right away. Whey protein is really fast acting and it means that your muscles can start re building the moment you are finished with your workout. That means you don't have to worry about losing out on the hard work you have put yourself through. You can get protein from other sources too like, chicken, beef, turkey, fish, eggs, nuts, seeds and so on. You should be having around 1.5g-2g of protein per kg of body weight and this can easily be hit through using protein shakes as a 'whey' of convenience.

Give It A Go...

If you have been wondering why your body hasn't changed much recently or you are stagnating with your progress then it is time to evaluate the amount of protein you are consuming. I almost guarantee that most of you reading this will be under consuming the amount of protein for your body. When this happens there isn't enough fuel for your body to change and adapt as you want it to. Protein isn't just for the muscles as it also helps to keep you feeling full and stop cravings for sugary foods. Therefore, making sure you have enough protein in your daily diet is crucial for progress.

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