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Food...we all love food, right?...of course!

However, us fitness people like food a certain way don’t we? and eating out can get a little complicated at times as I’m sure you know. Most restaurant meals aren’t high in protein and are usually more focused on just taste, rather than making them macros ‘protein synthesis’ friendly. So what is the ultimate place to eat for the fitness enthusiast that you can find all around the UK?

Well, we’re thinking...Nandos!

Many high protein meals to choose from, healthy sides a plenty, great taste and a cool’s a match made in gainz heaven. On this occasion we visited the awesome restaurant in Princes Quay, Hull. We had a variety of different meals to get a good idea of what’s on offer...

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Butterfly Chicken, the new Sunset Burger (above), a Vegi wrap…not only that but we all really enjoyed our meals, despite having different tastes and food choices. Although there are a fair few things to choose from, here are some recommendations based around the protein content (which is what most people want to know about)...

High Protein Recommendation

Want some serious protein? In that case, we’d recommend going for the Chicken Butterfly...

Chicken Butterfly (Medium)
Protein: 57.3g
Carbs: 0.4g
Fat: 11g
Total Calories: 331

This is a satisfying size and ideal if you want something of substance after an intense leg day!

Medium Protein Recommendation

How about something with a bit less? Here we have a more moderately sized protein meal.

¼ Chicken Leg (Medium)
Protein: 30.2g
Carbs: 0.6g
Fat: 19.5g
Total Calories: 300

Ideal for somebody who wants something that tastes great and hits the spot, but not too big portion wise unlike the Chicken Butterfly.

Then there’s the vegetarian option...

If eating meat isn’t your thing then check out the Veggie Wrap, which uses spicy soya and tomatoes to create the ‘meaty’ core of the wrap along with some tasty veggies.

Veggie Wrap - Discount Supplements
Veggie Wrap (Medium)
Protein: 19.7g
Carbs: 81.6g
Fat: 27.1g
Total Calories: 661

This would be great for someone who’s done a lot of cardio and wants a meal with a decent amount of carbs, to replenish themselves, along with a healthy amount of protein and fat.

Wanting Some More Carbs???

If you’re wanting to get a decent amount of carbs, because hey why not? #AllTheCarbs Then going for the Peri salted chips is a good option, you’re going to get a total of 55g of carbs from a regular sized portion (these are easy to eat too, ideal if you’ve had a filling main meal).

Alternatively, if you’re wanting something more ‘bodybuilding approved’ then the Supergrain side maybe be a better option...providing just under 30g of carbs (29.8g) in addition to having a greater spectrum of micronutrients when compared to the chips (from the grain, beans & greens).

(Nutritionals Sourced from:

“Wrapping Up”

So, instead of having maybe one, two or three options on a menu (like most of the restaurants you can go to) why not go somewhere that has many options to choose from. For a macro friendly meal, check out a cheeky Nandos near you! :-)


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