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When it comes to health and fitness we can make things ‘All or Nothing’. Some of us go ALL IN, meaning we make eating our meals and the gym a priority, even at the expense of other areas of life. Some of us get into living the healthy lifestyle, but then give up as we think that we have to go to the gym 5 times a week and eat our meals religiously to get ANY results.


In reality, we can get decent results from somewhere in the middle. We don’t have to go all out to get results, which is good to know (for both extremes).

However, we do need to put in a decent amount of effort if we are wanting to continually progress.

Getting drunk every weekend for example isn’t exactly conducive to a healthy lifestyle. Effects from (heavy) drinking are likely to carry over into the following week.

Now I’m going to talk about what to do when your RESULTS start to diminish, and you’re wondering where to go next.

I hear a lot of the time people complaining about results that they haven’t got, when they have a lifestyle that makes results difficult or impossible.

If somebody is not training hard in the gym, playing on their phone more than focusing on working out, eating poor quality food and the like, THEN they blame their genetics, their mindset is all wrong!

If however, somebody is comfortable not getting results due to their choices as they’re aware they’re not helping - that’s cool!

Anyway, when it comes to getting results and you're not getting what you want...

You have two options, you can either:

• Raise your standards
• Lower your expectations

Now let’s go over each…

Raise Your Standards

Are you not getting the results you want and you aren’t willing to lower your expectations? Then raise your standards.

This may mean doing what you are doing for a longer period of time. When it comes to changing the body, it takes time...lot’s of time.

Your sense of time for results may or may not be well calibrated, if you’ve not been training for very long, chances are this is the case. Especially if you’re comparing yourself to someone online whose results may be enhanced via technical means (Photoshop) or performance enhancing drugs (and they don’t disclose this).

We ALL think that we train hard.

But let’s be honest, we can all train harder or more intelligently. So, if your results are slowing down, look to train harder or change your training. It may mean getting coaching or investing in a book.

Trying Something New
If you aren’t getting results, trying something new may be your best option. Just make sure you give it time to actually work, changing your training all the time isn’t going to help.

More calories, better quality foods, and more consistent nutrition from high quality nutritional planning; there are many ways to improve our nutrition.

Chances are you’ll know where you’re lagging so make sure that you really be honest with yourself, is your nutrition as good as it should be considering your expectations?

Lower Your Expectations

If you give it a good go and the results aren’t coming as fast as you’d like and you’re not wanting to wait longer, it’s perfectly fine to reassess your situation and ‘lower’ your expectations.

This doesn’t mean you have to lower them to nothing!

Rather, just lower them slightly so that you’re not overly stressed. Ultimately, if you believe your results should be a certain amount but your ACTUAL results are a lot lower…you may get pretty stressed and we certainly don’t want that, so in this case - lowering our expectations is advisable.

Giving yourself permission to be okay with that can really give your mind a refreshing rest, trust me I’ve been there!

Matching Your Lifestyle

Are you wanting to have a good social life? Not wanting to compete or be an elite athlete? If so, don’t live like one.

Many people, my past self included, live an extreme lifestyle to look good and perform at a high level in the gym.

Sure you can look great, but if you aren’t enjoying life, what’s the point? #LifeIsTooShort

Sure you can always change your mind later on when it comes to your lifestyle and how your nutrition/training fits in. However, putting things in perspective sooner rather than later may serve you and save you time.

What will you do, raise your standards or lower your expectations? (By the way, either is fine!)

Take care polar bear

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