Top 5 Tips for Fitness & Recovery

Keith Mason is a former professional rugby league player, actor, model and a Discount Supplements Ambassador. Here he writes EXCLUSIVELY for our Blog about his Top 5 Tips for Fitness & Recovery.

I have to be in shape all year round for my job as a model and actor as I may have a shoot with only two weeks’ notice. Therefore it's essential that I maintain peak condition 24/7.

Films may call for action and fight scenes so I like to mix my training up with boxing, sprints and MMA which help me functionally. Coming from a 14 year career at the top of my game playing rugby league has helped me maintain the fitness and athleticism needed for acting /films.

#1 Sleep & Recovery

Sleep and recovery is so underrated in the fitness world but it’s top of my list when I'm training hard. The more you rest, the more you actually get leaner while training hard. Remember, always listen to your body it will tell when it's not running proficiently. That's a sign to not over train or slow down. I try get at least 8 hours a night and that’s good marker to aim for.

#2 Sprints

I do interval sprints maybe twice a week sometimes hill sprints too. I’ll do maybe 10 sprints, walk back and recover. Maximum effort each time you sprint is good for burning that unwanted fat.

#3 Nutrition

Nutrition is key to recovery I tend to have a breakfast high in protein and good fats before I hit the gym. It’s important to remember I have my main carbohydrates of the day straight after a hard workout which my body will absorb better than any other time of the day. Then straight after my workout I also have about 30 grams worth of protein.

#4 Training Program

I like to keep my training fresh, so I switch up my sessions every time I train so my body gets a neurological boost.

I tend to do one body weight session a week, chin ups, press-up and dips etc. I will do one kettlebell session a week which is great for conditioning and strength. I may also do a chest and back session once a week and then a boxing session on the pads, hitting the tyres and battle ropes.

#5 Persistence

Last but not least, the advice I give to people in one word is persistence. That is key for seeing results. Rome wasn't built in a day. I believe if you stick with it and don't give in, don't cancel your gym membership, eat right, train right and rest right then your life and health are going be a hell of a lot better. Ditch the partying and invest in yourself. You will thank me! Enjoy and go smash your goals.

Keith Mason (Discount Supplements Ambassador)
Former professional rugby league player, actor and model

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