Flavor God Seasonings - Product Review

You may have seen Flavor God on Instagram, this is where they originally took off and it’s where they showcase their awesome seasonings and spices with various mouth watering recipes from around the world.

*Flavor is the American spelling for flavour by the way*

Well, we love good food and anything that can make it even better and more exciting, whilst not adding a load of calories, is something we’re seriously interested in!
So naturally we have brought Flavor God in house, meaning that you can add a cheeky jar to an order whilst getting your regular products.

What Ingredients Does The Flavor God Range Use?

Each particular flavour/seasoning of course uses different ingredients but one thing remains constant throughout the range....quality ingredients are always used.

Additionally, for those who are wondering these products are GMO Free, MSG Free and many are also vegan friendly too (but not all).

Flavor God Ingredients

On the ingredients profile, you’ll notice that no bulking agents or similar are used either....and per serving most have zero calories!

Meaning that you can add a tonne of flavour to meals even when dieting - whether that’s chicken, vegetables or similar (but without extra calories).

What Do The Seasonings Taste Like?

We have tasted a fair few from the range and we think they are absolutely great!

Clearly a lot of time has gone into getting the taste right, using the right blend of ingredients and in the right proportions as we didn’t taste one that we didn’t think added a lot to our food.

We tried the Jamaican Jerk on chicken, in soup and on vegetables too - all of these options got a whole lot better from just a little added seasoning.

Flavor God Flavor God Flavor God

The great thing about spices and herbs generally is that they are also pretty healthy, but why? Turns out many of these spices and herbs have protective properties, meaning it’s win-win….added flavour + heath benefits.

Why add calorie loaded syrups and sauces when you can add some calorie free seasonings with the benefits of various herbs, spices and minerals!

There are even flavours like Gingerbread Cookie, which goes really well with the morning coffee to mix things up a bit, well worth a try.

What Foods Can I Use Flavor God Products With?

  • Meats
  • Vegetables
  • Soup
  • Pizza
  • Seafood
  • Eggs
  • Sandwiches
  • Salads
  • Chips
  • Coffee


Great tasting and an awesome way to spice things up. These seasonings are great for fitness and health enthusiasts alike...oh and you get a lot of product in each jar, so they’ll end up lasting you a fair while.

A top buy!

Those on the lookout for something new should check the Flavor God range available right here on Discount Supplements

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