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For a long time myself and Tom have been big fans of using amino acids because of the huge benefits they offer for those of you who lead an active lifestyle. Essentially, these are small building blocks of protein which will help re build your muscles, aid in recovery, boost energy and upgrade your performance levels.

When Do You Use Them?

You can use your aminos any time of the day and the best thing about the product is that it comes in some delicious flavours. Ideally you want to use your aminos when your body requires them and this is before,during and after a workout when you are predominately breaking down muscle fibres. The amino acids help rebuild your muscles because of the incredibly high leucine count and this amino acid in particular will help progress your physique.

The Product

The supplement in question is called Alpha Amino by Cellucor and it contains 5g of branched chain amino acids along with a blend of other amino acids too which will support your body during exercise. It also contains some B vitamins, magnesium, potassium and sodium which will assist you whilst training. The electrolytes are key whilst training especially if you sweat a lot, they will help reduce fatigue and keep your performance levels high.


Now we have established what this product does we can now move onto taste, and I must state that the taste is amazing. The flavours are incredible and you can choose between fruit punch, lemon and lime, blue raspberry and watermelon. Each flavour tastes the way it should and they are very refreshing to have especially when training and you want something to quench your thirst.


The product mixes perfectly and doesn't leave any floaters or sinkers within the drink. Sometimes amino acid blends are cloudy but this actually mixes very well and leaves nothing but the colour of the drink.


Alpha Amino's certainly turn you into a lion when you're training, and this is always a good thing! The product is very effective and it gives your muscles the necessary energy and pump to push you through tough exercises. Whether you consider yourself an athlete or just train for fun, these aminos will certainly help you to see better results.


Overall I would give this product a 4/5 because of how nice it tastes and well it mixes. I also give it this high score because of the effectiveness and overall, it's a great product.

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Cellucor Alpha Aminos

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