What Foods Should You Consume Before Drinking Alcohol?


With the weekend just around the corner, you might be going out this weekend and we both know what that means, late nights and bad hangovers!  There is no shame in going out, having a few drinks (or a few too many) and having a great time with friends and loved ones. Wouldn't it be great though if you could go out knowing that you aren't going to have a stinking hangover the next day which leaves you bed ridden all day. Well, look no further than below a few more lines to find out what foods are best to eat before you being drinking, if you want to last longer and feel better the next day, this is what you need....

Sweet Potato 

Low sugared carbohydrates such as sweet potato, brown rice, brown pasta etc are great foods to eat before drinking alcohol. This is because these carbohydrates help keep blood sugar levels stable and give you longer lasting energy. Don't go overboard with the carbohydrates however as they can leave you feeling tired, try to stick to a palm or two.


Eating vegetables that are fortified with vitamins and minerals that boost your natural defenses against the toxins alcohol can give you. Eat green vegetables like spinach, kale, broccoli, tomatoes and so on which are going to help you feeling great.


Eating a good source of protein before consuming alcohol is going to help keep blood sugars steady and keep you feeling full. Since alcohol destroy muscle tissue you want to keep protein levels high to reduce as much muscle wastage as possible. Keeping blood sugar levels is also key so that you don't spike and crash, when this happens you will feel tired and shaky so make sure you eat around 25g-35g in one meal.


Eating salad before drinking alcohol can help keep you hydrated as some are very high in water. For example snacking on some cucumber is a great idea due to it containing 95% water. Staying hydrated prevents your body from the harmful toxins and allows you to stay in control of what you are doing.


Sometimes it can be overlooked but making sure you drink enough water is a sure sign of staying hydrated. You might want to use a multi vitamin or vitamin C tab to mix with your water so that your body gets enough nutrients. Perhaps for each alcoholic beverage you have, having a glass of water along with it can help keep you hydrated.

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