Foods That Kill Your Libido...


Some say that Hugh Heffner, founder of the Playboy franchise, was very selective with the types of foods he would eat, hence the reason he was able to keep it up for so many years! Whether there is much truth behind this or not, there appears to be little doubt that certain foods can significantly blunt your libido, or sex drive as it’s more commonly known. One minute you could be sitting in a restaurant playfully flirting with your partner, and the next you’re getting home and crashing miserably in the sack with no sex drive whatsoever…but why!?

Well, there are several reasons why this crash in libido might occur including hormonal shifts and body image concerns, but from a food and drink perspective, there are physical and chemical reactions that come into play here.


Physical Reasons


The health benefit of beans are undeniable, their soluble fibre content make them great for gastrointestinal health and digestion, however part of the process of improved digestion is flatulence (gas). Beans contain indigestible sugars known as oligosaccharides, the problem with this is that the human gut doesn’t contain the enzymes needed to digest these types of sugar. Consequently the bacteria in your gut try to break the sugars down, this inefficient method of digestion results in the release of gas.

There is however an uncanny resemblance between the name of the ‘bean producing plant’ known as ‘vigna’, and part of the female anatomy, if you catch our drift (sorry, no pun intended). Feed your lady too many beans and chances are you won’t be getting anywhere near her ‘vigna’ that night!

Chemical Reasons


This is a surprising one because chocolate is generally thought to increase libido due to its anandamide and phenylethylamine content. These two compounds trigger the release of endorphins (feel good hormone), hence the reason humans tend to binge on the chocolate.

On top of this, cocoa contains methylxanthines, a compound that makes your skin sensitive to every touch, can’t be bad right!? Wrong…despite these positive effects, methylxanthines can also make you feel particularly lethargic!

Dr Fran Walfish, a Beverly Hills Psychotherapist explains how chocolate actually makes her clients feel tired, as well as damping down their libido.

Fried Foods

It is widely accepted that fried foods aren’t great for your health due to the fatty deposits it can leave in your blood vessels. Frying food involves the use of direct, very high temperatures which can negatively affect the chemical structure of most foods. Chemical changes include the transformation of fats to the very unhealthy trans fats, a type of fat that can significantly reduce a women’s libido.

Trans fats can also increase the amount of abnormal sperm cells in men, as well as interfering with gestation in women. High fat foods can also cause reflux, a condition that see’s the person belch and bloat due to the high levels of acid in the gut…NOT the one when it comes to feeling sexy!

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