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No matter what time of year, there is always a tidal wave of people signing up to the gym looking to get in shape. From getting ready for the beach to burning off the Christmas dinner, there isn’t a time when people aren’t looking to improve their fitness and drop a size or two.

Roughly 5 million Brits are currently subscribed to a gym membership. Yet, with so many alternating views on what the correct diet is in this highly fitness focused world, knowing the best way to train and support your body’s nutritional needs is tough.

Nowadays everyone seems like a fitness guru with #fitness under every gym or food Instagram. Fad diets such as the Tim Noakes diet, the Bulletproof diet and the usual suspects such as Herbalife, Slimfast and Weightwatchers all have the ideologies about the best way for you to lose the pounds. And whilst each has elements that will work, they are not perfect and will never be.

Not to drum the bog standard Nutritionist talk, but everyone has different variable factors that will affect the way their body processes food. Blood types, muscle compositions, age, weight and general daily lifestyle habits will all have an effect.

Understanding how to exercise properly, safely and effectively to fulfil your own personal objective is a great place to start and is one powerful tool to ensuring that you start to see the results you want. However, this is only half the battle. You could run all the hours god sends on a treadmill but if your diet consists solely of donuts, pizza and tequila you’re still unlikely to see any improvement, unfortunately.

In effect, there is more to gyming than simply lifting weights. Your body is a machine, you need to put in enough of the right fuel to ensure that it can run at its optimum level. It requires a basic level of carbohydrates, protein, vitamins/minerals, fat and sugar to function properly. The way you take these nutrients on board and the amount of them that you need is relative to your goal.

The source of your nutrients is the key. Each food group can be found in a variety of different sources but they don’t all do the same job, for example carbs come in two forms; simple and complex. A chocolate bar and 100g of pasta may both contain 25g of carbohydrates but this doesn’t mean that chocolate is just as healthy as pasta. Chocolate contains simple carbs often called empty calories, this is because they are predominantly sugar, meaning they will be absorbed quickly and turning into fat. The carbs in pasta are complex. This means their energy will be released slowly giving your body a chance to burn it off.

Along with your diet your exercise routine should be balanced, varied, consistent and tailored towards your goals. Tailoring is the most important aspect of anyone’s training. Pushing yourself too hard for your level of fitness or ability is asking for trouble. Someone who’s 6’5”, 18st and built like a brick s#@t house is obviously going to bench more than someone who’s 5ft, 9st, with spaghetti for arms.

Just because you can’t lift the same or run quite as far as someone else doesn’t mean that you can’t see the same results. Exercise is completely relevant to the individual, your fitness/strength in relation to the strain of the exercise you’re doing is the only thing that matters. A 10 min run for someone that is totally out of shape could have the same health benefit as an athlete running for an hour at the same pace.

For more advice on how to train smart, eat even smarter and support that with the right supplements, make sure to contact us today. Also make sure to follow Frank Bâton, our stick figure fitness guru on Instagram here.


Author: Danielle Bedin

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