Fruit & Nuts!

Fruit and nuts, quite possibly the tastiest and most nutritious foods out there. 

Not only that but they taste absolutely great too and why is that?

Well, over time we have evolved to have a keen taste for fruit and nuts. Those of our distant relatives with a taste of fruit and nuts gained the nutritional benefits and were successful. Thus passing on genes to successive generations.

Kind of makes sense, right?

Contrastingly, if something isn’t nutritious or can cause us harm for example and it ‘tasted good’ then we wouldn’t last long as we’d be eating foods that don’t help us or that make us ill! So, foods that are ‘off’ or not good for us (at least generally speaking) don’t taste good or we aren’t attracted to them.

Fruits are juicy, tasty and packed with nutrition…nuts are tasty and satisfying - sensations that make eating these foods that are good for us rewarding by our brain.

Anyway, I’m now going to go into a few fruits and nuts that are my favourite and a few of their benefits.


Super tasty and fairly cheap considering its size and how long it can last.

I tend to cut a few decent sized slices off each day and it lasts me 3-5 days depending on how peckish I am.

Along with the vitamins contained within watermelon a particular benefit that may be of interest to you is that watermelon seems to assist with reducing the effects of DOMS.

L-citrulline, found in watermelon is seen to be the reason why (source: So, if you want a top quality fruit that tastes great and also has other potential benefits pertaining to DOMS…watermelon is your fruit!


Tasty, a quality source of fiber, vitamin B6, they feed our guts bacteria, assist with the absorption of other dietary nutrients including calcium.

Oh and yes, they do also contain potassium although many other foods are also high in potassium (some higher than bananas!) including:

• Dates
• Sweet potatoes
• Potatoes
• Orange juice
• Beet greens
• White beans
• Tomatoes


They may look a little weird, but walnuts are great!

One of my favourites in fact, in addition to being fairly satisfying to eat and ideal for throwing in a bowl of cereal, they have some great health benefits.

One of them that seems to be fairly worth mentioning is the potential benefits in arterial function (source:

So unless you’re allergic to them, why not give walnuts a go. I’d recommend buying a big bag of them…other nut and legumes also have benefits like cashew nuts and peanuts, plus we do those in nut butter form…great for spreading on your toast!


Pretty tasty and very satiating, following eating a handful of almonds people don’t tend to eat as much generally because of this satiating quality (interesting study:

Ideal for people who tend to eat too much during the day, or for those dieting and want a food that helps to curb cravings which can be a mental battle that can lead people astray from their meal plan.

Not only that but almonds seem to have bone protective benefits, increasing bone mineral density - protecting against developing conditions such as osteoporosis (source:

Oh, we do have some nut butters that you may like too…great for speaking on toast or for even spreading on freshly sliced fruit like bananas or apples!

Cashew Butter

Peanut Butter

Almond Butter 

Have any questions about good old fruit or nuts or want to comment about what you’ve read?

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