Funky Food : The Elvis Weave Sandwich

With the rise and rise of Crossfit, the Paleolithic way of eating i.e. the nutritional practices of the Neolithic man mean carbs and particularly processed carbs are minimised, meat is increased, and veg (most types) are an absolute staple of every day (although they should be with any diet). The Paleo diet basically consists of any food that came before the agricultural revolution, so the processing that wheat undergoes in order to make the humble loaf of bread is not conducive to a Paleo, or hunter gatherer style of eating.

So for a treat, get around this with a rather unique sandwich known as the Elvis Weave!

Check this out:

Rashers of crisp bacon replace the bread, and inside is banana and peanut butter…a match made in heaven! 

As a reputable Dietitian, I urge you take this post in the lighthearted nature it is meant. A diet high in bacon will be inherently high in saturated fat and salt (although unsmoked bacon is lower in salt), which if consumed in excess may increase your risk of developing high blood pressure and heart disease. Having 2-4 rashers of bacon a week is OK, getting a bacon weave down you any more than once a week is NOT advisable and may lead you to the same demise as the sandwiches namesake...Elvis Presley himself.

By all means enjoy, but do enjoy sensibly!

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