Can You Still Make Gains By Having Cheat Meals?

Such a big topic of conversation amongst friends and our Discount Supplement family is can you still see results even if you have some cheat meals in the same week?? What is a cheat meal? How many should you have? Should you have them? I know for a fact that cheat meals don't just stop for some people as just a meal, some are even having cheat days whereby every meal of the day is a 'cheat meal'.

So what exactly is a cheat meal? Put simply, a cheat meal is a meal that will consist of something bad for you. It is a meal that is different to the healthy meals you will constantly eat that will put you on the right path to reaching your goals. The best way to describe a cheat meal is by calling it a reward. Most see cheat meals as rewards for the hard work they are putting into their healthy lifestyle and as such they will give themselves something bad to eat. Is this you? If it is I personally feel like it isn't a bad thing and here is why.

When you lead a healthy and active lifestyle you are constantly striving to be your best at everything you do. So when you are eating healthy, planning your meals, planning your exercise routine, working hard in your job and seeing great results there will be times when you need to give yourself a break. These breaks are like little reset buttons that help make you feel more human and normal especially if you are the only one staying healthy in your circle of friends. I believe that if you eat healthy on a regular basis and then resist temptation often you could lapse from your healthy plan as you can't go without bad food for very long. How many of you have been in this position before? Where you eat healthy for 2-3 weeks and have nothing bad, then the moment you do have something bad for you, you then lapse from your diet and find it hard to continue with your healthy diet?? If this is you then here is what you need to do.

Everything in moderation is key and you may have heard this before. I don't think that by having a cheat meal once or twice a week is going to harm your progress in reaching your goals. In fact I recommend you factor into your plan your cheat meals so you know when you are going to have them and this way you can look forward to them. Looking forward to something will help you work harder so that you feel like you warrant it more than by just having it whenever. The psychology behind giving your bodies rewards in fitness is massive and you will find by resisting the bad food (crisps, chocolate, fast food etc) you will feel better for it. When you give yourself the reward of a cheat meal you will feel like you have earnt it and the likelihood is that you may not want to eat it again for a while. Sometimes when you satisfy your cravings through a cheat meal you may find you feel awful afterwards? At the end of the day another piece of good advice i can give you is by listening to your body and see how you feel after eating something bad.

So don't feel guilty the next time you have a cheat meal if you are exercising and eating healthy week in week out. Remember to keep everything in moderation and it shouldn't reduce your progress. Keep up the good work and feel free to leave a comment below :)

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