Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Workouts

Can you honestly say that you are getting the most out of your workouts every time you leave a session? Could you hold your hands up and honestly tell yourself that you couldn't do another rep? Each and every session should be difficult and they should test you, granted on some days you might rest or have a lighter session, but you should be giving 100% each and every time. There are some ways in which you can ensure you are giving 100% during your workout by having some cool ingredients right by your side. Take a further read below at what I mean and how you can increase results...


A bottle of water to sip on during a workout is always handy to have but is it enough? Is it enough if you are pouring with sweat to just drink for re hydrating purposes? I personally think it is good to have water with you but it isn't enough if you are pushing yourself beyond what you would normally do. If you want to see results then it is only right you will have to push yourself when exercising, but what else can you add to your water that will help? Here's what I recommend....


These beauties are great to have during training and if you aren't using them then you really are missing out. What are BCAAs? Well, branched chain amino acids are broken down proteins which aid and assist in recovery. Leucine is the key player within the structure and can really help improve muscle definition, repair and growth. Sipping branched chains during your workout can aid performance, fatigue and strength. High levels of leucine can greatly increase rate of repair when your muscles are broken down, hence why it is put into protein shakes. Bcaa's mix really well in water and can take away the taste of just drinking water for those of you that like to have something to taste.

Hydration Tabs

If you sweat during your workout and you need more than just a towel to clear it up then I urge you to use hydration tabs to ensure you are replacing what your body is losing. When you sweat you are losing essential minerals which impact your fitness level and not just how you look. Sure, no one likes sweating but this is what happens when you are pushing your body beyond it's regular limitations. So with this is mind it is important to replenish what you lose through exercise so that your body can restore to it's normal functioning. your electrolyte balance within your body is essential when trying to reach a goal such as weight loss or muscle gain. If you sweat a lot and only use water to re hydrate then it is time to give hydration tabs a go, which will dissolve pretty quickly within your drink.


A final ingredient to add to your intra workout drink could be carbohydrates in the form of dextrose or maltodextrin. Both are quick to moderate releasing carbs that could help you in your workouts. Consuming carbohydrates during your workouts can ultimately give you more energy and helps shut down the release of cortisol which is fairly catabolic. An intake of carbohydrates can also keep glycogen levels topped up which will increase performance and spare muscle tissue being used as an energy source.

In Summary

Use these ingredients to give yourself the extra edge you need during your workouts. If you are constantly pushing yourself but aren't seeing the change you wanted then it is probably time to include one or all of these points above. All the best and I hope this kick starts your workouts :)

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