Give Your Loved One A Treat With A Supplement Bundle To Suit Their Specific Needs


Nutrition supplements are a diverse bunch, they lend themselves to a number of functions including muscle gain, muscle recovery, toning, health and vitality, wellbeing, weight loss, weight gain, performance enhancement, endurance and much much more. Sadly it’s beyond the scope of this post to lay out the ideal supplement bundles for all goals and functions, so instead, let’s take a look at some of the most common goals that people aim for and see if there is one amongst them that suits your loved ones (or even your own) needs this holiday season…


Muscle gain

This is without doubt one of the most common goals in the nutrition supplement sector, a nice set of muscles is functional as much as it is aesthetic, in other words you can perform well AND look good all at the same time. For those who feel their loved ones (men or women) would benefit from gaining some extra muscle to fill out their clothes, or even to BUST out of them…this is what you need:


Whey Protein

If lean mass is the goal i.e. muscle without the excess fat, then a high protein, low carb, low calorie protein is optimal.

Creatine monohydrate

Protein is used to replenish and feed muscle to promote muscle growth and development, whilst creatine comes in to fuel muscle and improve delivery of nutrients to the muscle for repair.

Pre- workout

Look to get one that contains a minimum of 3g of l- arginine and also contains beta- alanine, citrulline malate and around 150g caffeine. This combination of ingredients serves to increase blood flow to the brain and muscles, as well as increasing focus and concentration. It also improves the muscle pump you get as a result of training, and drastically improves your muscles response to training.

BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acid)

Perhaps one of the most key supplements to muscle growth, that all too many people overlook, is the BCAA. The reason being… that it contains large amounts of Leucine, the most anabolic of all amino acids.

Multi- vitamin and mineral

A multi- vitamin and mineral is essential for preserving the integrity of muscle cells, as well as helping to actively transport the nutrients you need into the muscle.

Omega oil blend

This classic health supplement is also integral to performance because of its ability to lubricate your joints, aid mobility and comfort, as well as reduce inflammation.


Fat Loss

Although there are various mechanisms by which you can burn fat, I am going to list the most common, and arguably the most effective ones for you…


Diet Protein

Yep, a clue is in the name, however this can also be quite misleading in the sense that people associate the term ‘diet’ to a faddy way of eating or a way to make yourself thin… but this is NOT the case! A diet protein actually delivers high protein, low carbs and calories the same as a regular, good whey protein does. The difference is that the diet proteins provide active fat burning ingredients too such as CLA, L- carnitine and Green tea extract. These are added to maximise lean mass (muscle) whilst stripping off that excess layer of body fat too.

Omega oil blend

An omega oil blend helps the body to perform at its best in a number of ways, including its lubricative and anti- inflammatory properties, but also for its ability to trick the body into burning fat as an energy metabolite. To put it crudely, drip feeding your body with small amounts of essential fatty acids (the kind you get from an omega oil blend) literally tricks the body into thinking it has a good flow of these essential fats, in turn convincing the body that it no longer needs to store fat as a reserve measure.

Multi- vitamin and mineral

A multi- vitamin and mineral helps to burn fat indirectly, this is via its capacity to preserve muscle tissue. Muscle tissue is metabolically active, so in other words, muscle burns calories even when at rest (whereas fat doesn’t). So by ensuring your vitamins and minerals are topped up, you’re actually helping your body burn off that excess layer of body fat.

Green coffee bean extract

This is quite a revolutionary fat burning product that is basically derived from the raw coffee bean (the green bean before it is roasted). The active fat burning component in the bean is chlorogenic acid, but this is damaged during the roasting process, hence regular coffee beans don’t promote fat loss (aside from the caffeine content in them). Chlorogenic acid has been linked to fat burning, although the mechanism isn’t fully understood yet, it is thought that it slows the absorption of fat and thus increases fat excretion (loss in faeces), as well as increasing metabolism.

The key here though is that diet proteins don’t generally contain this ingredient, so there is a low risk of overdoing this particular ingredient.


Health and vitality

Wellbeing stems from a sound bill of health, and the positive emotional state that exudes when you feel vitalised. So it pays to invest (literally and metaphorically) in a bundle of supplements that support your internal functions, so that you can radiate from the outside…


Whey Protein

Meeting your protein requirements every day will improve overall health and vitality in a number of ways. Amino acids (the building blocks of protein and muscle) are one of the main components of skin, hair and all the external features that make us look and feel healthy. Internally amino acids contribute to a number of metabolic and energy pathways that are also uplifting and key to staving off lethargy and malaise. And as you know, wellbeing contributes to mental wellbeing as much as it does to emotional wellbeing, so improvements in muscle tone and size can equally make you feel more healthy and vitalised in itself.

Omega oil blend

A massive contributor to cognitive function because of the omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids that they provide. I would strongly recommend an omega oil, particularly if your dietary intake of oily fish is low during the week.

Multi- vitamin and mineral

Meeting your vitamin and mineral requirements is essential to maintaining homeostasis, a harmonising process that manages your internal and external bodily functions to maintain the smooth running of your body. Vitamins and minerals play a role in almost every bodily function, so it pays to keep these topped up.

There are of course various alternatives to this, an ‘all in one’ supplement may be preferable for some, but this is less personal and generally less effective in the general population.

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