Are You Giving Your Body Enough Rest??


Can you remember the last time you gave yourself a rest day away from exercising in the weight area or running out on the streets? Do you believe in rest days or do you tend to workout seven days a week? Have you noticed that recently you aren't seeing the results that you have seen before and do you feel tired? Usually when signs like this pop up we tend to ignore them and look for more supplements to use instead of doing the obvious which is rest.


When you exercise regularly your body automatically gets used to the 'feel-good' hormones it releases and this can become addictive. People do actually say that training is an addiction because of how great you feel after a workout. You can also notice it by how not so good you feel when you don't exercise. It's no secret that too much training however can cause a significant stress on the body which can lead to you feeling tired and de motivated. Is training all the time good for your overall health?


I believe your training and eating should have a healthy balance with you enjoying every moment of leading the lifestyle. I personally think that it is healthy for your mind and body to be able to switch off and give yourself a day or two away from the hectic training lifestyle you put yourself through. Of course it is great that you exercise but too much of anything can cause negative results and therefore I think it is crucial to have a healthy balance between the two in life. Try to find a balance which suits your lifestyle and doesn't have you feeling worn out and exhausted.

Rest Days

I always give myself at least one rest day a week and sometimes more if I think my body needs it. I always listen to how my body feels because no two weeks are ever really the same as I tend to mix up my training a lot. If one week I am training much heavier than the next week I might give myself an extra rest day so that I can maximise recovery. This is the sole purpose of a rest day as it helps replenish glycogen stores within the muscles and allows hormones like cortisol to lower properly. Constant battling with these two factors can have a detrimental effect to training sessions and to the way you are feeling.

Feeling Tired

Be sure to know the difference between just feeling tired and needing to incorporate a rest day, don't get these mixed up. Might sound obvious but I hear of people sometimes tricking themselves into thinking they need a rest day just because they are feeling tired. Be honest with your rest days and use them when you need them most, I always push myself when I am just feeling tired.

Be sure to give yourself a rest day when at least once a week so that you see the benefits of all the hard work you are putting in.

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