Glycaemic Index Values Of Carb Sources Commonly Found In Supplements

For those that don’t know, the Glycaemic index (GI) refers to the rate at which a carbohydrate is digested and utilised by the body. Different foods and carb sources cause more of a blood sugar response than others, so it is prudent to know what carbs do what, and how the glycaemic response might impact on your energy levels and performance. The GI is given a value relative to Glucose, which is allocated a value of 100 meaning a number lower than 100 is slower releasing than glucose, and a number higher than 100 id faster releasing than glucose. GI can be affected by the structure of the carb i.e. complex carbs such as brown rice are slower releasing than simple carbs such as table sugar for example. GI is also dependant on the Glycaemic load, which relates to the combined effect a serving of food will have on a persons blood sugar level after eating it.

So that you are well acquainted with the types of carbs you might find in sport and health supplements, and what response they might have on your body, here is a list of their glycaemic index value:

Fructose = 32

Lactose = 65

High Fructose corn syrup = 89

Sucrose = 92

Glucose = 137

Maltodextrin = 137

Table sugar = 142

Maltose = 150

Xylitol = 13

Sorbitol = 9


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