A Good Multi Vitamin Can See You Through The Day


How many of you include fruit and vegetables into your diet? How many of you get enough for your body type? Sometimes it can be hard to get them in throughout the day due to being busy, forgetting and not planning properly. I would personally recommend eating fruit and vegetables daily for their benefits on the body which I am sure you know about, but for those that find it hard, there is a solution.

Using A Multi Vitamin

I recommend using a multi vitamin throughout the day to help keep your immune system in check. We all want to stay fit and healthy but in order to do this we have to be giving our bodies the essential vitamins and minerals to function properly. A multi vitamin can help you get you through your day, prevent illness and keep your body functioning at it's best. How many of you reach for vitamin C tablets when you being to get a sniffle? The onset of a cold will have you racing to the local supermarket to grab a carton of orange juice right? Come on, own up if this is you! Well, with the use of a multi vitamin daily you hopefully won't need to perform these emergency pit stops as your body will be getting good nutrients daily, all year.

When Should I Take My Multi Vitamin?

It is best to take your multi vitamin in the morning and in the evening. Ingredients inside a multi vitamin aren't all stored within the body and therefore need topping up during the day. For instance, Vitamin C isn't stored and needs replacing daily if you aren't eating a good supply of fruit and vegetables. Other vitamins and minerals I will explain and why they are needed for your body during regular exercise.

What Is Inside Your Multi Vitamin?

Most multi vitamins contain the essential vitamins and minerals that your body requires on a daily basis. Ingredients such as vitamin A-E, Potassium, Zinc and Magnesium are all key micronutrients your body needs, daily! If you don't give your body these essential nutrients then you might find yourself tired, lethargic and less motivated to do things. How many of you know that Magnesium is responsible for over 200 different functions within the body? One of it's main functions is to help function your brain properly so that you stay mentally focused throughout the day. How many of you have a mentally demanding job that requires you to be on top of your game all the time? Well, make sure you are getting enough magnesium as this will certainly help. How many of you know that zinc is required to help protect your immune system? If you are constantly getting colds and sniffles then you might need to look at your zinc intake.

Should I Use A Multi Vitamin and Eat Fruit? 

Using a multi vitamin is great if you struggle to eat fruit and vegetables on a daily basis. There is no real need to have both if you are getting enough fruit and vegetables. So this really is just for those of you that struggle to eat enough fruit and vegetables. Make sure you assess your lifestyle to find out if you need a multi vitamin. For the most part, I would say that for many of you a multi vitamin is a good staple to your diet and will help you throughout your day. I use a multi vitamin and find that with my busy fitness and work schedule it really helps me and keeps my body in check. Recovery and my immune system work much better and during the winter months I make sure I regularly supplement with a multi vitamin.

In Summary

This is aimed at people who struggle to eat enough fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. Agreed, I personally think with some good time management and dedication you can certainly increase the amount and then not rely on a multi vitamin as much. With this said, if you are on the road a lot of the time and stay in hotels regularly away from your home kitchen then a multi vitamin is going to be one of your best friends. Like always, this doesn't appeal to everyone and some of you will benefit more from it than others, after all everyone is different and has different lifestyles.

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