Grenade Carb Killa White Chocolate Mocha Review!

When Grenade first launched their Carb Killa bars in the earlier part of 2015, they proved to be an immediate hit, flying off the shelves like they were going out of fashion.  To date, since the original edition – Caramel Chaos – further flavours have been released: Cookies & Cream, Fudge Brownie, White Chocolate Cookie, Dark Chocolate Mint, and Chocolate Crunch. The latest addition to the Carb Killa family is White Chocolate Mocha; by my standards, this is nothing short of delicious!

I have to say, Carb Killa bars do exactly what they say on the tin (in a manner of speaking). Prior to their release, I don’t feel there’s been a half decent protein bar available that’s low on the carb front. I think at most, some manufacturers’ attempts (naming no names) resulted in a texture that’s akin to cardboard, and an aftertaste that’s a tad synthetic – ‘plasticky’, perhaps. Edible, maybe… but certainly not delectable, in my humble opinion.

Facts and figures!

It’s pretty hard to believe that Carb Killa contains just 1.5g of net carbs per serving! Just to clarify, ‘net carbs’ refers to those which impact our blood glucose levels – i.e. that which our bodies absorb and utilise as energy. If you’re aiming to slim down (or maintain your current composition), lowering your carb intake is key. This is because carbs that are excess to requirements tend to be converted to – and stored as – body fat.

Low in carbs, high in satisfaction!

High-carb foods can also lead to fluctuations in blood glucose levels and thus appetite, further exacerbating the problem. It seems Grenade have thought of everything; they’ve included around 6.7g of fibre in each bar. As well as supporting digestive function, this helps to keep you sated for longer. Coupled with a whopping 23.2g of protein, you’ve got a double whammy, since protein also helps to sustain fullness, as well as support muscle growth and repair.

Taste: Zoe awards 9/10

I think the most important thing to mention at this point is the flavour, which I keeping referring to, without yet going into detail. I’ve tried all varieties to date, and White Chocolate Mocha is decidedly one of my favourites. This is possibly because I’m a fan of coffee – whatever it’s in. I also love white chocolate, so having these pair together is like a match made in heaven (for me, at least). Whilst I found this certainly helped to appease my sweet tooth, I didn’t find it ‘sickly-sweet’, which is sometimes the case with white chocolate flavoured bars.

Texture: Zoe awards 9/10

The texture of Carb Killa is pretty unique, too. It’s marketed as being softer, yet crunchy – and this is spot on! Apparently, some sort of clever baking technique is used to produce a finish that’s a lot like a fudgy, chewy, gooey bar you’d find on a supermarket shelf in the confectionary aisle. They’re also a good size; when you open the wrapper, you don’t have to send out a search party to find the damn thing! Whatever they’re doing at Grenade HQ – it’s working!

Ingredients: Zoe Awards 8/10

The addition of real cocoa butter (which is found in regular chocolate) provides a ‘melt-in-the-mouth’ texture and lends to a potent and authentic chocolate taste. Maltitol and xylitol also feature, which are sugar alcohols. These have been given some bad press in the past, but I’ve never quite understood why. There’s not really any evidence that they are harmful in sensible quantities (one bar daily; two maximum). They’re classed as natural products, and taste almost identical to sugar in many respects. They’re also safe for the teeth, and don’t tend to raise blood glucose levels like their toxic cousin.

Carb Killa bars were reported to have contained some sucralose originally, which was replaced with dental-friendly xylitol.

Then of course, there’s milk and whey protein isolates, which boost the bar’s nutritional value. Polydextrose is a used as a bulking agent (a type of soluble fibre), along with gelatine – the latter of which makes them unsuitable for vegetarians. Soya crisps add a nice dose of high-protein crunch; despite being shunned by some, this moderate sprinkling of soya isn’t worth losing sleep over.

Other than a minor criticism, I can vouch that Carb Killa is a pretty heavenly creation!

To summarise…

Of course, the only real way to verify the Carb Killa bar is to test-drive it yourself, since as of yet, I can’t transfer one to you via the screen. :)

So, to summarise Carb Killa:

  • Great flavour and texture; multiple varieties.
  • A decent size.
  • Contains just 1.5g of net carbs per bar, with over 23g of good quality protein. Perfect as a snack/treat to help support muscle development, whilst keeping on track with your fat-reduction goals.
  • High in fibre (over 6.5g).
  • White Chocolate Mocha is the latest addition – it’s especially great for coffee lovers!

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